The Palm West Wall Of Honor

The way PALM WEST GM CHRIS GILMAN tells it, "The caricatures on the wall tell a story ... the famous faces that frequent here and the history of the 8-year old chop-shop restaurant." We spied PAGE SIX's RICHARD JOHNSON; CINDY ADAMS near JUDGE JUDY ... and, JUDGE JERRY; BILLY JOEL; ROBERT (THE SOPRANOS and AMERICAN GANGSTER) FUNARO; Palm-heir BRUCE BOZZI, JR.; and, the much-missed NEAL TRAVIS. Gilman says that there are '3' artists that deliver the splendidly-realized caricatures, usually from a proper 8x10. Also spied, were Director STEVEN SPIELBERG; RUSSELL SIMMONS; JERRY SEINFELD; Showtime's MATT BLANK; Hollywood-agent ED LIMATO; the PR Pasha-DAVID SALIDOR: MICKY DOLENZ; authors MARC ELLIOT (who was having dinner nearby) and MARK BEGO; the Post's MICHAEL STARR, STEVE LEEDS from SIRIUS; and, the late-great JERRY ORBACH. Of course, ordinary people can have their mugs up there too ... but, when you think about it, everyone will ask 'who's Joe Blow up there?' ... so, there's the rub! We also spied Judge LESLIE CROCKER SNYDER; MIKE WALLACE; WALTER CRONKITE; ANDY ROONEY; and the entire TODAY SHOW gang, LAUER; VIERA; ROKER; and, CURRY ... right nearby KATIE COURIC and LESLIE STAHL. PALM assistant manager DOMINIC SASSONE, has assumed the task of putting them up and often correcting minor mistakes, "Sometimes, there's a glitch here and there ... but, we can handle it!" Gilman said that several new ones will be going on shortly, including, a local editor from a Times Square based celebrity website ... wonder who that is? And, some pretty nifty choices if I may say ... but, we've been sworn to secrecy! But, I wonder, when will Gilman get mugged?