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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sylvia Winrich And Flo Anthony

Robert Funaro With Willy, Aisha And Steve Schrippia

When PALM WEST does a special event ... it is always extremely special. When their PR-man DAVID SALIDOR (The Pasha) alerts us to one ... we can always look forward to a wonderful time, and their event Monday night, for their new hand-crafted cocktail menu, by the mix-o-logists team of Willy & Aisa (of Contemporary Cocktails), was certainly no exception. GM CHRIS GILMAN (and his staff LARRY BRYANT, DOMINIC SASSONE, and, ANDREW TOBIN) proudly stood by and greeted each and every guest as they entered. That Gilman ... he does a hell of a job there. He is, the reason why the restaurant does consistently well. No question.Be it the heavenly Honeysuckle, which Palm-major domo BRUCE BOZZI, JR., was already sipping when we walked in, or, their special SCREAMING MIMI, champagne, vodka and strawberry juice, they delivered on just about everything.They are all a delicious addition to the already-stunning array of wines and liquors. The Pasha, also pointed out a new vodka, with the very subtle name of Chopin. I had to try it! And, it was good ... very good indeed. I, myself, immensely liked the delicately-named GENTLE PALM ... and, then we were immediately surrounded by many of the Palm-special celebrity names, like STEVE SCHIRRIPA and BOBBY FUNARO from The Sopranos; up-and-coming photographer to the stars JAMES LEVINE, with his lovely wife Alanna(who tried and liked the up-to-the-minute Mojito); portrait specialist ROBERT MILAZZO; Broadway lens-man AUBREY REUBEN; Penthouse-Pet JUSTINE JOLI; Palm-marketing guru ANDREW FREEMAN; our old friend MEREDITH APPLEBAUM and her fiance; and, the lovely SYLVIA WINRICH and FLO ANTHONY. Once we made our way back to one of their PDR (Private Dining Rooms), we were greeted by trays and trays of the Palm's patentee food ... with, more drinks.The new cocktails are simply ... terrific! One last note: On Sunday, Gilman, gave a special party for HAIRSPRAY's DARLENE LOVE, who was ending her long run with the terrific show ... he served, (Stricken) chicken and pancakes ... which is referenced in the show. She's great and we'll miss her! All in all ... another great night at PALM WEST ... which is, the BEST!

Robert Funaro With Chris Logan And Steve Schrippia

Bruce Bozzi Jr. With Penthouse Pet Justine Joli And Sopranos Stars Steve Schrippia And Robert Funaro Pose With Palm GM Chris Gilman

Photos By: James Edstrom

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Penthouse Pets

New York's chop-shop eatery PALM WEST was visited today by 3 Penthouse Pets, ERICA ELLYSON (Pet of the Year '08); JUSTINE JOLI (Pet runner up '08); and, BREE OLSON (March '08 Pet of the month). The gals posed for pictures with managers LARRY BRYANT and DOMINICK SASSONE, and then sat down to a terrific lunch of lobster-and-steaks-and sides. The threesome were in town for a series of PR-spots, including some book signings (one tonight in New Jersey) and a live-interview for FOX TV. Ellyson, hailing from Missouri, said she loved being in the city and look forward to maybe moving here next year. She's currently living in San Diego. Joli, sporting some fashionable heard gear, lives here already and is fashioning a possible recording career and is doing some gigs already in the city, and, Olson, only 21 ... hails from Indiana ... and, is loving New York. She's a big fan of LA, but, this her first time here ... she says it was love at first sight. GM CHRIS GILMAN came by late in the meal and answered a bunch of questions from the girls. The Pasha, PR-man DAVID SALIDOR (who reps the restaurant) was also on hand.Yes, they turned heads and created gossip ... but, we loved them!
Photos By: James Edstrom

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Palm West Wall Of Honor

The way PALM WEST GM CHRIS GILMAN tells it, "The caricatures on the wall tell a story ... the famous faces that frequent here and the history of the 8-year old chop-shop restaurant." We spied PAGE SIX's RICHARD JOHNSON; CINDY ADAMS near JUDGE JUDY ... and, JUDGE JERRY; BILLY JOEL; ROBERT (THE SOPRANOS and AMERICAN GANGSTER) FUNARO; Palm-heir BRUCE BOZZI, JR.; and, the much-missed NEAL TRAVIS. Gilman says that there are '3' artists that deliver the splendidly-realized caricatures, usually from a proper 8x10. Also spied, were Director STEVEN SPIELBERG; RUSSELL SIMMONS; JERRY SEINFELD; Showtime's MATT BLANK; Hollywood-agent ED LIMATO; the PR Pasha-DAVID SALIDOR: MICKY DOLENZ; authors MARC ELLIOT (who was having dinner nearby) and MARK BEGO; the Post's MICHAEL STARR, STEVE LEEDS from SIRIUS; and, the late-great JERRY ORBACH. Of course, ordinary people can have their mugs up there too ... but, when you think about it, everyone will ask 'who's Joe Blow up there?' ... so, there's the rub! We also spied Judge LESLIE CROCKER SNYDER; MIKE WALLACE; WALTER CRONKITE; ANDY ROONEY; and the entire TODAY SHOW gang, LAUER; VIERA; ROKER; and, CURRY ... right nearby KATIE COURIC and LESLIE STAHL. PALM assistant manager DOMINIC SASSONE, has assumed the task of putting them up and often correcting minor mistakes, "Sometimes, there's a glitch here and there ... but, we can handle it!" Gilman said that several new ones will be going on shortly, including, a local editor from a Times Square based celebrity website ... wonder who that is? And, some pretty nifty choices if I may say ... but, we've been sworn to secrecy! But, I wonder, when will Gilman get mugged?

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Tony Noto with May Pang and Chris Gilman

The PALM WEST here in NY hosted a reception for TONY NOTO and his first-book THE STOKER FILE: THE LOST DIARY OF BRAM STOKER. Noto, the song of legendary-off Broadway impresario LORE NOTO (who created the original production of THE FANTASTICKS), was greeted by family and friends in the media, including PLAYBILL's HARRY HAUN; music's MAY PANG; NEW YORK TIMES' KEITH GIRARD; author-MARC ELIOT; ace-lensman AUBREY REUBEN; his wife ELAINE; circus-man BELLO; and, of course the restaurant's GM CHRIS GILMAN. Noto, who's in the middle of a radio Tour for the book (yes, the Pasha David Salidor's hand is at work here too) , is on WOR's JOEY REYNOLDS SHOW next week and several cable outlets in the weeks to come.
Bello Photo By: Barbara Brady

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Chris Gilman and Patti Labelle recently at Palm West

For the past week at the Palm West in New York, the restaurant (and, major domo CHRIS GILMAN) have been offering free deserts for any patron displaying an unusable theater ticket. "In light of the strike, we wanted to do something to commemorate everyone who's here to see a show ... and the fact that it might be dark', says Gilman. The steak-eatery, which has become a staple in the Theater community and has hosted numerous theater-events (HAIRSPRAY; THE FANTASTICKS; WICKED) is hopeful that it will be resolved after the Holiday weekend. Gilman adds that the "Cheese cake is running #1, with the carrot cake a very close second." Cheers to our hometown spot!!! (check out the clams!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Regis Philbin

'The Nostalgic New Yorker'

The Palm West
250 West 50th Street
New York, NY 10019

There are 3 Palm Restaurants in New York ...Two on the East Side, and the third, and most charming to us, on West 50th Street ... The PALM WEST. According to their web site www.ThePalm.Com the Palm restaurants are currently celebrating their 80th anniversary. They are 29 across the country, with one being opened in England next year. A better restaurant you will not soon come across ... believe it! According to Palm West's exceptionally well mannered GM CHRIS GILMAN, "When the restaurant first began, the name was suppose to be 'Parma' ... but, it wasn't correctly understood ... everyone thought they were saying 'Palm'." Today, WALLY GANZI and BRUCE BOZZI's spot is without question, THE BEST ! On any given night, you might run into celebrities like: REGIS PHILBIN; GEORGE CLOONEY; MICKY DOLENZ; DARLENE LOVE; MAX WEINBERG; ROBERT FUNARO ("American Gangster") HENRY KISSINGER; PATTI LaBELLE; ALEXA VEGA; or, LEA THOMPSON. It has become the toast of Broadway, with events for HAIRSPRAY; GREASE; or, THE FANTASTICKS going on. On a recent visit we spied, Dolenz; Love; and, 'BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN' drummer MAX WEINBERG, sampling the terrific fare with smiles of their faces. And, now ... let's get on to that terrific fare: First off, I know here at TIMES SQUARE GOSSIP, the 'Clams Oreganata' are the requisite favorite. You can actually have them 'Casino', 'Steamed', or on the 'Half-Shell.' It's been reported that our JAMES EDSTROM can quickly put away several orders! My personal favorite is either the 'East Coast Gigi,' or 'West Coast Gigi Salad '... so named after the Palm's legendary West Coast figure GIGI DELMASTRO. There's the traditional 'Caesar Salad' as well ... with their patented 'Blue Cheese Dressing' ... actually made on the premises ... as well as, of course, 'Hearts Of Palm.' I recall several years ago, driving home and experiencing an insatiable yen for the magical concoction. I stopped off at Palm 2 (on the East Side) and asked to purchase a quantity of it ... They gave me exactly what I wanted ... For free! Now, that's a restaurant to reckon with in my book. Never having been much of a steak aficionado ... The Palm has made me reverse that decision. There's the wonderful 'Prime Dry-Aged Bone-In New York Strip' ... 20 ounces; the utterly delicious 'Prime Rib of Beef' ... 26 ounces; the 14 ounce 'Filet Mignon'; and, the sensual 'Pork Chops' .. 2 at 10 ounces each. I must also confess at this juncture, that The Palm has a 'Linguini' (red or white) that is beyond compare. My wife actually ordered this at a recent dinner and I had to have a taste ... and, I was shot directly towards heaven. I now have a half-order as an appetizer. Honestly, it is the best I have ever had in New York! There's the requisite 'Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster' (3 lbs. or larger) that is a must for any Lobster-fan. Fish-wise, there's also an outstanding 'Atlantic Salmon Fillet' and 'Swordfish Steak' and 'Ahi Tuna' that are all exceptionally well-cooked and presented. Sides, like Asparagus; Leaf Creamed Spinach; Sauteed Wild Mushrooms; String Beans; 3 Cheese Potatoes Au Gratin; or, the Half & Half (cottage fried and onions), are essential.
A word now about our outstanding service. Armando was our man at both visits. Ironically, he was one of the first of the wait staff when the restaurant opened in 1999. He was, in a word, perfect. Also, I must confess to a devilish liking for their 'Veal Parmigiana' ... Outstanding again and again. I was also prompted by the restaurant's excellent PR-gadfly DAVID SALIDOR (The Pasha), to order the 'Shrimp Parmigiana' ... Which, is NOT on the menu ... And, deserves to be! Again, as a slave far too often to Shrimp ... It was, outstanding. GM GHRIS GILMAN has pointed us in the direction of the 'Alaskan King Crab Legs' and, the 'Broiled Crab Cakes' with a terrific mango salsa sauce. Chef FABIEN NIGITO's consistency is amazing ... On all our nights there, the food got better and better. Note to self: The portions are huge ... Ask if you might order a 1/2 portion ... In some cases, a smart move. Their GM also introduced us around and was terrific. Never before had we a host so diligent. He is to be commended for his excellent service. We also stopped by the bar, where BRYAN WELLS entertained us on piano. A nice touch, before a exceptional meal. We also met managers LARRY BRYANT and ANDREW TOBIN, who made us most welcome. We will be back ... With the boss, Mr. Edstrom!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Palm West GM Chris Gilman and Micky Dolenz

Fresh from a triumphant performance Monday night at the ROCKERS ON BROADWAY show, where he performed "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "Ease On Down The Road", MICKY DOLENZ held court at Palm West Wednesday night (DARLENE LOVE and LEA THOMPSON were also spotted at the chic eatery) where he disclosed to Times Square Gossip a number of upcoming projects: Next week, back in LA, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, he performs for the MAKE-A-WISH foundation, where MY NAME IS EARL creator GREG GARCIA will be honored along with NANCY CARTWRIGHT, the voice of BART SIMPSON. EARL's cast will appear there as well; Dolenz also said that meeting BERRY GORDY Monday night was a thrill, as well as performing two of the catalog's strongest songs. "I don't usually get an opportunity to perform songs like that, but it was great." Dolenz also said the another Broadway show (he's done AIDA and PIPPIN') is also in the works; and, a possible guest stint on a comedy show that films here in NY.
All in all ... a triumphant week for the Monkee-man here in NY.
Photo By: James Edstrom

Friday, August 17, 2007


Chris Gilman with Joyce Randolph and actress wife Alexandra

The legendary JOYCE RANDOLPH ('Trixie' on TV's HONEYMOONERS) was in at PALM WEST last night on West 50th Street for dinner with JAMES EDSTROM of TIMES SQUARE GOSSIP and PALM WEST-PR PASHA DAVID SALIDOR along with singer-composer Tomaczek Bednarek. Amid tales about the show from TV's Golden Age ("Jackie ruled with an iron fist ... but, he was nothing short of magic" and "Art Carney, just a genius!"), Randolph also talked about her recent activities and had several words of advice for up-and-coming actors. "Learn everything you can ...try everything you can and keep the learning curve going." Randolph also mentioned that Times Square Gossip editor James Edstrom over the years has talked her into more wild things than Jackie Gleason could ever do. Randolph also talked about her efforts on behalf of actors on the East Coast, "Many of them have moved to the West Coast, but there still is a very, vibrant core here on the East Coast ... and, they need the support of actors like me who have remained here."Almost on cue, in walked ALEXANDRA GILMAN (wife of PALM WEST-GM CHRIS GILMAN), who is currently in the play IN THE SHADOW OF MY SON (part of ongoing NY Fringe Festival) ... very much part of the up-and-coming young theatrical scene in NY, and the two met and exchanged thoughts, and Randolph wished her every success.Alexandra just received a glowing review from NY's trade-rag BACKSTAGE, and is just now beginning the journey that Randolph handled so effortlessly. Her play runs through August 25 at the Soho Playhouse in NYC. Honeymooner star Joyce 'Trixie' Randolph with James Edstrom
Photos By: James Edstrom

Friday, July 27, 2007


Chris Gilman and Elliot Tiber
Photo By: James Edstrom
TAKING WOODSTOCK's ELLIOT TIBER held court at NY's PALM WEST Thursday night, with Times Square Gossip(and pr-powerhouse DAVID SALIDOR), talking about his forthcoming launch party at Steve Walter's Cutting Room on Tuesday, August 14. Tiber's book, released by Square One Publishers, candidly details the efforts Tiber took to make the Woodstock festival happen. "I ran a hotel with my parents in White Lake, NY, the El Monaco, befriended Max Yasgur ... and, when the permit required to hold the festival fell through, I secured the proper notification, as I was on the Bethel Chamber of Commerce ... and, it went off."
All along, Tiber was living a closeted-gay-lifestyle; going into New York on the weekends and befriending people like Rock Hudson, Robert Mapplethorpe, artist Mark Rothko; and, Tennessee Williams. Tiber gradated from Hunter College with honors and slowly became enveloped in the burgeoning gay-lifestyle in NY. Then on June 28, Tiber walked into the Stonewall Inn, and witnessed first hand the riot that would galvanize the American gay movement. "It was something to see ... American-spirit in the best sense of the word and everyone at the Inn came together like never before. We were bonded ... forever!" The book is a compelling historical read on the event that changed everything. Engaging several passersbys outside the Palm West, Tiber did a quick market-research of the effects of Woodstock ... as he asked two young people about it, and they knew about, but only had limited knowledge. "If I didn't do it ... you'd probably be dressed somewhat differently," he said. Though he comments he'd like to be known as the gay man that made Woodstock happen ... he does realize the everlasting effects of the 1969 event and reflects on his life since. "I've done several plays, written several books, but this one, I think is the one that ties it all together. Everything I ever wanted to say bout Woodstock is here." Times Square Gossip is co-hosting the event at The Cutting Room, and, will be followed up with another event at Palm West.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Palm West Chef Tony Tammero with Abigail Breslin

PALM WEST on 50th street in NYC will give away special screening passes this Monday (7-23) to a Tuesday screening of the new Warner brothers movie NO RESERVATIONS, starring CATHERINE ZETA-JONES; AARON ECKHART; and teen-tot ABIGAIL BRESLIN, fresh from her LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE conquest. Breslin stopped by the famed eatery this week to sign her caricature and consult with Palm-chef supremo TONY TAMMERO. The restaurant has developed a special kid's menu (14 and under) for $20.00 ... featuring Baked Macaroni and Cheese; Sweet Potato Fries; Steamed Asparagus; and Strawberry Lemonade.
Guess the teen-tot will be holding all her meetings there for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Tuesday night, as the snow gently fell on New York City, the NEW cast members for Broadway's award-winning HAIRSPRAY were formally introduced to the media, at the PALM WEST, and GM CHRIS GILMAN, restaurant on West 50th Street. Outgoing AMERICAN IDOL-DIANA DEGARMO was bid farewell by the cast, as she introduced her replacement ALEXA VEGA (SPY KIDS) and ASHLEY PARKER ANGEL (from O-TOWN and star of MTV's reality show THERE AND BACK). Additional cast members introduced, included, JERE BURNS (TV's DEAR JOHN and HELP ME HELP YOU with TED DANSON); PAUL C. VOGT (TV's MAD TV); and, NATURI NAUGHTON (music's #LW aggregation). Also on hand, were, new Toronto-based singer ANNE MORRONE, who's debut CD will be released in April, and Jokeman-JACKIE MARTLING (SIRIUS RADIO).

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Randy Jones

Who knew that former-judge LESLIE CROCKER-SNYDER was a wiz with a needle-and-thread? At PALM WEST's CELEBRITY SERVER earlier this week (which benefited the NYU School of Medicine), RANDY JONES, formerly of The Village People, was in the eatery's kitchen, when his well-worn jeans felt almost completely apart. "Let's just say that I could NOT walk back into the dining area like that," says Jones. Standing next to him was retired-judge LESLIE CROCKER-SNYDER, who said "I've got it", and whipped out a small sewing kit from her pocket. Jones and Snyder, surrounded by celebrity-chef ROCCO DeSPIRITO, Jokeman-JACKIE MARTLING; and Soprano-ROBERT FUNARO, broke into spontaneous applause.Palm West GM CHRIS GILMAN, who witnessed the entire fracas firsthand added, "To me... Leslie saved the day ... as everyone was back out on the floor within a matter of minutes."