Toxic Britney Spears cousin Alli Sims (right with Britney) is telling the former pop star to step out of the public eye and retire from showbusiness, as it is the only way to get her life back together. The troubled singer was placed on psychiatric evaluation at a Los Angeles hospital last month. This was the latest episode in the star’s meltdown. And Sims has put the singer’s fragile state of mind down to living in the constant gaze of the global media. She says, "Britney desperately wanted to come out to party with us last night but we had to tell her ‘no’. She needs to rein herself in."She needs to take a break from the limelight, from showbiz, and just concentrate on getting herself better. Britney is so anxious and so on-the-edge right now. She is incredibly keen to go out and doesn’t understand when we tell her it’s not a good idea. She just needs a break for as long as it takes until she’s completely better." But Sims thinks that Spears will make a complete recovery because her whole family are keeping her under close surveillance. She adds, "Every day’s a struggle but Britney is getting a bit better day by day. I was with her today and, as a family, we are taking turns to watch over her.