Lindsay Lohan arrives to pay her respects

Emile Hirsch and Josh Hartnett

The heavy hitters of Hollywood like, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Ellen DeGeneres, Sienna Miller were among the guests at a memorial service in Los Angeles for late star heath Ledger.The private service for the actor who was found dead in New York City last month, took place at the Sony lot in L.A. yesterday. Attendees included Cruise and Holmes, who co-starred with Ledger’s former fiancee Michelle Williams in TV show Dawson’s Creek, and actress Sienna Miller, who worked with Ledger on 2005 film Casanova, according to memorial comes a week after relatives and close friends of the tragic star gathered at a smaller service at the Westwood Village Memorial Park cemetery in the city. A service also took place in New York which attracted close to 1,000 mourners.Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment on January 22nd. An autopsy failed to reveal the cause of death, and police are still awaiting the results of a toxicology tests. His body has been flown to his native Australia, where a private funeral is expected to take place in his hometown of Perth.


Anonymous said…
I have been writing extensively to Australian blogs and wherever I can to PLEASE hold a memorial, public, just like Steve Irwin's. His fans wanna mourn him and that has just not been possible!
Anonymous said…
R.I.P. Heath!