Struggling Amy Winehouse is fighting to remain drug free in rehab and she almost quit the drug program earlier this week, according to her father. The Rehab singer checked into a private London rehabilitation clinic last month in a bid to kick her drug habit, but has found staying clean more difficult than she ever thought. Her father Mitch Winehouse says, "Amy has been through cold turkey, but the worst is over. She had a wobble on Tuesday and wanted to leave."She’d started to feel better and thought, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ That’s the danger period."The staff called me in and we spent time together. It was like she was a little baby and had started packing. I sat with her all night. We both cried a lot and Amy agreed to stay." And Mitch admits he grew so worried about his daughter’s heavy drug use in the weeks before she agreed to enter rehab, he thought about having her sectioned under the U.K.’s Mental Health Act, just like Britney Spears. He also said, "I was so concerned for Amy’s life I looked at the possibility. She was killing herself, but I now think rehab has been the best thing for her." Winehouse left the clinic on Friday to begin preparing for her performance via satellite for tonights Grammy Awards.