Britney Spears Life Is Upside Down

Britney Spears' first scheduled court appearance since she was taken from her California home by police and paramedics and temporarily hospitalized in the metal ward of Cedars Sinai at the direction of Los Angeles police, showed up in court today around 1:30pm. Spears traveled to the civil courthouse downtown with paparazzi lover Adnan Ghabib, where Commissioner Scott M. Gordon was hearing testimony in the child custody battle for her two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline. But after circling the courthouse, Spears stopped to take a look around and got out of her black sport utility vehicle and surveyed the crowd of media vultures and then got back in and left the courthouse. Meanwhile ex-husband Kevin Federline sporting a Mohawk, sat through the morning testimony and returned for the afternoon session. Security was tight and members of the media had to check their cell phones. A little while later, Britney's vehicle was spotted at the Little Brown Church where Britney and Adnan stayed for as short time before walking hand in hand back to the waiting SUV. The Little Brown Church was where Ron and Nancy Reagan were married in 1952. The doors of the church are open 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon decided the order on Britney's visitation rights should remain in effect.