Britney Spears has had a falling out with her longtime friend Sam Lutfi after the pair broke into a screaming match outside her Hollywood mansion last Monday night. The toxic Spears was seen arguing with Lutfi while sitting in his parked car at the front gate of the ultra private Los Angeles community The Summit. She later exited the vehicle in tears and sat on the street curb for 20 minutes, before calling her on again-off again paparazzi boytoy Adnan Ghalib, to pick her up. But Ghalib was refused entrance to the complex by the gate's security guards, after they were reportedly instructed by Lutfi to keep the British photographer out. He allegedly text messaged Lutfi to find out why he wasn't being granted access to the estate, to which Lutfi responded by telling him to leave, insisting his presence in Spears' life was going to "kill" the troubled star. Lutfi's message, captured by, reads, "You need to cease all contact with her completely. I've tried to work with you helping her but you didn't do as asked. Only way to help now is disappear. She's never been this way before." But in a statement released by Ghalib through his photo agency employers Finalpixx, he explains: "The truth is that Sam Lutfi started an argument with Britney and the two ended up in a screaming fight. "Sam continued to verbally abuse Britney as she sat barefoot on the curb at her Summit home crying holding her dog London. "Britney called Adnan for help and he heard the distress in her voice and drove to the Summit immediately. While outside the gates he was denied access as Sam Lutfi had informed the guards that he was not allowed entry. When Adnan then tried to call Britney it seems that Sam had turned all of her cell phones off."The dramatic events of Monday night continued when police were called to Spears' residence around 7 p.m. after a neighbor reported a swam of paparazzi were "stepping onto the grounds" of the private community, according to Los Angeles police officer Mike Lopez.