Toxic singer Britney Spears has been slapped with more legal troubles after ignoring a lawsuit filed against her by her former manager. The pop star has failed to provide an official answer or plea to Johnny Wright’s unpaid commissions suit, which he filed in Florida in October. Television cameras caught the moment the singer was officially served with papers in a Beverly Hills parking garage last month, but Spears hasn’t done anything about the matter, so a default judgement has been entered against her. According to the documents, filed on December 18th and obtained by the television news show Extra, Spears never responded to the lawsuit.Wright, who also managed pop acts like Justin Timberlake and the Backstreet Boys, claims Spears owes him commissions dating back to 2003.The star manager insists he was due a cut of Spears’ income from 2003, after he was dropped as the singer’s manager. He states the deal he struck with his former charge doesn’t run out until February, 2008. But Spears stopped paying in December, 2006.