Village People legend Randy Jones

Paris Hilton's parents allegedly once snorted cocaine off a floor with The Village People's cowboy Randy Jones.The 'Y.M.C.A.' singer claims he shared a table with hotel moguls Rick and Kathy Hilton at New York's famous Studio 54 club in 1980, where they indulged in some recreational drug taking.Jones told the New York Daily News newspaper: "There was one rock of cocaine left, and it rolled off the table. They just didn't even bother bringing it back up to a hard surface - they just crushed it into the carpet and snorted it off that."Whatever Paris Hilton is, she came by it honestly."Paris' parents vehemently deny the incident ever took place. Rick said: "Never happened. We didn't move to the city until 1979." Meanwhile, it has been claimed Paris, 26, is desperate to win back ex-lover Stavros Niarchos.'The Simple Life' star, who recently vowed to move to New York to find a man, was spotted trying to "hook up" with Greek shipping heir Stavros while she partied at Hollywood's Crimson club but he wasn't interested.However, Paris faces stiff competition from rival Lindsay Lohan, who is said to be dating Stavros again. A source said: "Stavros wanted nothing to do with her and seemed so annoyed by her, he left the party. Paris had no idea Stavros had gone and was wandering around asking where he had gone. Stavros went to hang with Lindsay. He is sticking with her this time."
Editors Note: Just spoke to Randy Jones and the Daily News got the date wrong. It was 1980 which would have put the Hilton's in New York City !