Hollywood star Natalie Portman who used to return all her designer outfits after she had worn them to movie premieres, now keeps the beautiful gowns to save buying outfits for weddings.Sexy Natalie, 26, said: ‘Most of the time I give them back, Because it’s not like you wear them ever again. ‘Except a lot of my friends started getting married this year. So all of a sudden I actually do wear fancy dresses.’ But the Harvard graduate, who has been acting since she was 12, hates being asked about her clothes, instead of her work. She said: ‘I get p***ed off that I go to a premiere to talk about my movie, and the first thing they ask me is what dress I’m wearing. And look, I buy into that because I play along, and you have to. If you don’t dress up they’ll talk about that! But that is really annoying.’
Editors Note: Why don't you give them to one of the woman's charities for woman who have no clothes for job interviews ?


Anonymous said…
What woman would wear a designer gown to a job interview?