Even know Lindsay Lohan has done more to make young stars look like drunk-wild party girls, she is to be honored for her contribution to the film industry at a festival in Italy. The Mean Girls star will be praised for her film roles at the Capri Film Festival this Sunday. Festival organizer Pascal Vicedomini says, "It is indeed an honor to have Lindsay Lohan at Capri, Hollywood. "We are delighted to recognize her talent as a performing artist, as well as her position as an icon in the world of entertainment." Oscar winners Vanessa Redgrave, Faye Dunaway, Mira Sorvino and Geoffrey Rush are just some of the previous recipients of the honor.
Editors Note: It is a shame that anyone would honor Lindsay Lohan for doing nothing in this world but party and act like a slut. She has done nothing to make this world better. She has made a generation of young girls act like little whores. She has endangered lives by driving under the influence, she has made drugs and drinking look glamorous for the young teenagers of this world who will now face horrible things in their life because they watched Lindsay Lohan!