Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hilary Swank is addicted to vitamins.The Oscar-winning actress is so health obsessed she takes 45 vitamins a day and insists on having regular vitamin injections.Hilary, 33, said: "This is my Aloe C, which I dissolve in water. Here's my flax. This one's for my immune system, and this one is my Brain Wave - it's great if I have a lot of lines to memorize."I just took my most important ones, which are my Oz Garcia Longevity Pak. I shoved them in my mouth right before I met you, which I actually shouldn't do, because I choked on my vitamins once before."The 'P.S. I Love You' star - who followed a strict diet and exercise regime to play a champion boxer in 'Million Dollar Baby' - also revealed she would rather exercise than sleep.She told W magazine: "Exercise is also really important to me. I think it gives me more energy. I would rather sleep six hours and workout for an hour than sleep for seven hours."Hilary also spoke of her love for her boyfriend John Campisi, who she has been dating since last summer.She said: "Of course I'm in love, or I wouldn't be in this relationship for as long as I've been. He's a great guy."The 'Boys Don't Cry' actress met the CAA talent agent shortly after she split from her husband of eight years, Chad Lowe.

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Horseface was phucking her boyfriend/agent WHILE she was married. She is a phoney liar.