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Monday, July 06, 2015


Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank attended USO's 'Comfort Crew for Military Kids' Program Screening at The Times Center in New York City.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank was photographed leaving Zinque after having dinner in West Hollywood, California the other day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009




Anna Hamilton Phelan

Susan Larson

Ted Waitt

Joe Anderson

Mira Nair

Ryann Shane

Ewan McGregor With Wife

Lydia Dean Pilcher And Guest

Mariska Hargitay

Harry Connick Jr And Family

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank along with Harry Connick Jr And Family, Mariska Hargitay, Mira Nair, Ryann Shane, and Ewan McGregor attended the New York Premiere of "Amelia" at the Paris Theater in New York City tonight.
Photos By: RD / Roe / Retna Digital


Hilary Swank

Hollywood actress Hilary Swank is igniting controversy by saying in a new magazine article that she has been nude in front of her boyfriend's 6-year-old son. The star tells Marie Claire that she never wears anything to bed and that means her partner's son often sees her naked. In the article, Swank says, "My boyfriend's son is 6 years old, and you wonder at what age you should stop walking around nude. Every morning he comes into the bedroom, and you're just nude. But he doesn't look twice; he doesn't think about it yet." Qualifying her Marie Claire remarks during a TV interview on "TODAY," the star added, "I think every family's different and you have to know what's right for you and your family." But on MSNBC's "Dr. Nancy," top psychologist Jeff Gardere says, "Hilary, you're not this child's mom. What if things don't work out with your present boyfriend ...? Who knows what might happen in the future; what his psycho-sexual adjustment may be. It's not a good thing."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Hilary Swank

Hollywood star Hilary Swank is crediting the breakdown of her marriage to sexy Chad Lowe, with helping her find true love again. Hilary and Lowe met in 1992, on the set of movie Quiet Days in Hollywood, and wed in 1997. They announced in 2006 they were breaking up and Hilary turned to her agent, John Campisi, for emotional support.They soon started dating. The star tells Britain’s Hello magazine, "There was no spark. What’s interesting is, there was never anything. It wasn’t until we were well into the dissipation of our respective relationships. Going through something so difficult at the same time, we became very good friends. We became closer and closer. "It was so unexpected. We both recognized that if we were going to take the relationship to the next step, we could no longer work together." Swank also is admitting she is hoping to cement their relationship with a baby, but for now she is busy looking after his son Sam, from a previous relationship. She adds, "Sam’s a sweetheart. I most definitely want children. It’s something I’d like to do someday. And when the timing is right I’ll hopefully know it."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Wednesday, August 26, 2009




Oak Room Intimate Dining

Old World Charm In The Oak Room

One of New York’s premiere Event Planning and Design companies has just joined the A Team at the Plaza Hotel. Swank Productions is now the preferred, recommended and simply adored designers for the newly re-opened Oak Room. Swank Productions is a luxury Event Planning and Design house specializing in creating couture experiential environments for their clients. Swank is bringing new attitude to this iconic venue by embracing its elegant, masculine aesthetic and rejuvenating it by mixing bright color concepts. The Oak Room was recently featured on the hit TV show Gossip Girl. It’s not only the perfect location for Manhattan’s big wigs to come enjoy a delectable steak, but it’s the place to see and be seen. Private events are a huge part of this landmark’s business. It’s a justified assumption that for every fabulous party you need a fabulous designer and party planner! Swank Productions just recently designed and produced a photo shoot for the Oak Room’s makeover “After” shots. The shoot features three different looks. The first shot was designed to pick up on the rich oak wood paneling throughout the room. The tablescape featured chocolate brown taffeta linens, regal purple floral arrangements, and gilded details. Another table was designed using the Oak Bar’s original incarnation as a men’s only club. A color palette of billiard green and burgundy were utilized for this table. Cabaret lamps, champagne buckets, bottles of whiskey were placed on the tables. Vintage billiard balls were placed at each setting. The final look was a private dining room with copper walls. A color scheme of copper and acid green was conceived inspired by oxidized copper (i.e.- The Statue of Liberty). Gold leaf, mother of pearl, and amber details were incorporated into the tabletop design. All the Oak Room patrons will now call on Swank to personalize the space for them with custom-tailored Event Design concepts.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Donald Trump

Christina Aguilera

Hayden Panettiere

The stars came out for the Trump and Nakheel Event Celebrating the Trump Tower Dubai yesterday at a Private Residence in Bel Air, California. Sexy Orlando Bloom along with Hilary Swank,Hayden Panettiere and pop superstar Christina Aguilera. And yes, The Donald was there. Funny how this party was in California instead of Dubai....

Sexy Orlando Bloom

Hilary Swank

Monday, December 24, 2007


Hilary Swank

Hollywood actress Hilary Swank begged her studio executives to let her take Christmas off after realizing they had her promoting her new film 'P.S. I LOVE YOU' in Europe throughout the festive season. The star was upset when she first saw her schedule, because it meant her plans to have a family Christmas would not be possible. She explains, "I was asked to go to Europe to promote this movie, and I said, `I’ll go right up ’til the December 21st when the movie opens, but please let me be home for Christmas.’"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hilary Swank is addicted to vitamins.The Oscar-winning actress is so health obsessed she takes 45 vitamins a day and insists on having regular vitamin injections.Hilary, 33, said: "This is my Aloe C, which I dissolve in water. Here's my flax. This one's for my immune system, and this one is my Brain Wave - it's great if I have a lot of lines to memorize."I just took my most important ones, which are my Oz Garcia Longevity Pak. I shoved them in my mouth right before I met you, which I actually shouldn't do, because I choked on my vitamins once before."The 'P.S. I Love You' star - who followed a strict diet and exercise regime to play a champion boxer in 'Million Dollar Baby' - also revealed she would rather exercise than sleep.She told W magazine: "Exercise is also really important to me. I think it gives me more energy. I would rather sleep six hours and workout for an hour than sleep for seven hours."Hilary also spoke of her love for her boyfriend John Campisi, who she has been dating since last summer.She said: "Of course I'm in love, or I wouldn't be in this relationship for as long as I've been. He's a great guy."The 'Boys Don't Cry' actress met the CAA talent agent shortly after she split from her husband of eight years, Chad Lowe.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Hilary Swank after haircut

Hilary Swank has had her hair cut off by Oprah Winfrey for charity.The Oscar-winning actress had nine inches sheared off her shining locks to be made into a wig by Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a charity which supports women who have lost their hair through cancer treatment. Hilary, 33, said: "I've been growing it for the last six months so I could donate it. I've been taking a lot of vitamins and taking really good care of it, knowing that it would go to a woman in need."Oprah brandished scissors and a ruler as she chopped off the 'Million Dollar Baby' star's hair for her Great American Haircut.The talk show host said: "It has taken months to get to this moment. It involves a two-time Academy Award winner, a sharp object, and me!"Hilary had been preparing for the big chop for some time. She said earlier this month: "I've been growing my hair for months, so it's super long and super healthy"I've gotten my conditioning treatments every four weeks. Everyone is commenting on my hair and how it's long and pretty and healthy and shiny."As another feature in the special show 100 viewers received 100 makeovers in one hour.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hilary Swank says she smells "really pretty".The Oscar-winning actress, who played a transgender teen in 'Boys Don't Cry' and a tough boxer in 'Million Dollar Baby', loves dressing up and putting on perfume and make-up. Hilary - who is the face of cosmetic firm Guerlain and its new perfume My Insolence - said: "All those characters I'm well known for aren't as girlie-girl as I am. It's fun to dress up and smell pretty and have pretty compacts in your purse."I smell really pretty. I have a lot of perfume, so much that I could bathe in it. I've also been supplied with lots of make-up. It's so old Hollywood.It's in beautiful gold containers."The 33-year-old star is happy as long as her boyfriend John Campisi likes the way she smells. She said: "He does love the scent, so that's all that matters."Later this month, Hilary will cut off her hair on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' and donate her locks to women who are suffering from cancer. She said: "That's going to be wonderful. I've been growing my hair for months, so it's super-long and super-healthy. I've had conditioning treatments every four weeks. Everyone is commenting on my hair and how it's long and pretty and healthy and shiny. All the better for a woman in need."

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Soon to be bald Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank is cutting all her hair off for charity.The actress, who is a spokesperson for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign, is having her locks made into a wig for a female cancer patient. Hilary said: "It's wonderful to know that my hair is going to help someone feel better through the process of getting treatment. It's growing and hopefully I can get a little more length so I can get a nice ponytail to donate."I have lost multiple family members to cancer and witnessed their struggle first hand. I've never heard of anything quite like Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and I'm proud to be asked to promote the goals of such a unique and heartfelt program."Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign has teamed up with the Entertainment Industry Foundation to inspire people to grow, cut and donate their hair to make wigs for women who have lost their hair following cancer treatment. Hilary will star in a public service announcement (PSA) to encourage people across the US and Canada to donate their hair.The 32-year-old actress, whose hair was cut short for her Oscar-winning performance in 'Boys Don't Cry', is looking forward to the new "hip"hairstyle. Hilary said: "I think having short hair is really fun and it looks like it may be the new look. So, it will, if anything, just make me hip. Finally a reason to be hip!"I just hope that my contribution will help to inspire others to get involved in whatever way they can."

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hilary Swank is doing great without Chad Lowe

HILARY SWANK is over the moon with her boyfriend JOHN CAMPISI, and praises him as an "extraordinary man".The double Oscar-winner, who split from husband Chad Lowe last year after nine years of marriage, has opened up about her seven months long relationship with the Hollywood agent in the German edition of InToch magazine. She says, "He is an extraordinary man. I’m very, very fine with him. I am pretty optimistic about us." And the actress, 32, is already thinking about starting a family.She adds, "I definitely want to have babies one day! They bind together and change the whole life."

Monday, March 26, 2007


Hilary Swank was hospitalised after a suspender clip struck her on the head.The Oscar-winning actress was filming her upcoming movie 'PS, I Love You' in which her co-star was stripping, when a suspender flew off and cut her head open! Hilary said: "I got hit on the head with a suspender clip and ended up in hospital."Gerard Butler was doing this PG-13 strip-tease, and this clip came flying 20 feet across the room and clanked me in the forehead. I had to get stitches! Gerry was mortified!"The 32-year-old star teamed up again with her 'Freedom Writers' director Richard LaGravenese for the new movie. She said: "I jumped at the opportunity to work with him again."When I read the script I was so moved. The film is really a love story about living life fully, being in the moment and not taking the person you love for granted."

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Hilary Swank's estranged husband Chad Lowe has confirmed he has found love again with producer Kim Painter (Right with Lowe). Lowe, 39, and Painter, 33, were first spotted together at the November 15 Los Angeles premiere of Carrie Fisher's one-woman show, "Wishful Drinking," which Painter co-produced. Since then, they've been seen around Los Angeles, including a recent dinner at Mr. Chow's with Lowe's family. Lowe's publicist, Cindy Gaugenti, confirms the relationship to People magazine, saying, "They are dating." The pair also went public with their relationship after the Golden Globe Awards on Monday and attended the In Style/Warner Bros party where Lowe introduced his new love to friends including Emilio Estevez, Seal and Heidi Klum. Swank and Lowe announced they were splitting last year and the "Million Dollar Baby" star has also moved on and is dating her agent, John Campisi.

Chad Lowe And Hilary Swank

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hilary Swank was a high school drop out.The Oscar-winning actress plays an inspirational high school teacher in new movie 'Freedom Writers' but admits she was far from inspired when she was a pupil herself. She said: "I'm not proud to say I'm a high-school dropout. I'm not proud to admit that happened, but it happened. I think school is really, really important and we have an education problem in America and it's a shame. It's a shame for any kid to feel hopeless about their future."However, Swank insists unlike the students in the movie, who are all from a deprived inner-city neighbourhood, she never despaired about her future because her mother, Judy, was always there to support her.The 32-year-old actress admits her problems at school were that she talked too much and always broke the rules. She explained: "It was kind of the relentless, 'Stop talking, Hilary. You've got to stop talking.' On the report cards it said, 'Hilary will not stop talking. She's a blabber mouth.' That kind of thing."Swank's mother famously moved herself and her daughter to Los Angeles when she was around 16 so she could pursue an acting career. The pair were forced to live in their car until Judy could raise enough money to rent an apartment. It was in Los Angeles where Swank enrolled at South Pasadena High School to finish her education - she attended Sehome High School, in Bellingham, until she was 16 - but subsequently dropped out.