Christina Aguilera

Sexy pregnant singer Christina Aguilera, who is expecting her first child with her music executive husband Jordan Bratman, has allegedly decided to go for the operation to avoid the pain of natural childbirth. A close source to the star said: "Christina has a C-section scheduled for January 10th, but she might need to push the date of the delivery up."Despite having a baby shower earlier this month, Christina, who celebrated her 27th birthday on Tuesday, is planning another event for her family and close friends.The source added: "Christina will be having a second baby shower at the Hotel Bel-Air over Christmas with just her friends."Christina and Jordan are said to be considering the names Jackson, Jake and Max for their first-born. An insider said: "Although Christina and Jordan want to make up their minds on a name before the birth, part of them wants to wait and see what the baby's personality is like before assigning a name for life."