TONY NOTO, son of legendary THE FANTASTICKS-producer LORE NOTO, has issued his first novel, THE STOKER FILE -- the first new work from DRACULA-author BRAM STOKER in 100 years. The books tells after a devastating flood, a lost diary by BRAM STOKER is recovered in a basement at the University of Budapest, a series of mysterious events unfold that place all that read the text in great danger.A convening a very select and top secret committee at Columbia University, researchers are tasked to prove the diary's authenticity. As the diary's secrets unfold, those involved begin to suffer untimely deaths. Only one person, Laura Olsen Wynne, takes flight, fully aware of the diary's true implications. Desperately, she tries to contact those she knows she can save, as they know the diary's true meaning and why such dark forces would want to suppress it. Says Noto, "Living through the run of The Fantasticks (which, still to this day, is the longest running Off-Broadway ever -- 42 years!) I amassed an amazing amount of theater lore, stories, true and not, that created this desire to craft a mystery book like this. I really enjoyed it ... and, truth be told, writing this has been without a doubt, the best production I've yet been involved with."Publish America, based in Maryland, issued the book last week, and already there has been a demand from Hollywood for the movie rights. "Right now, with the strike and all ... everything has been put on hold, but, I would like to see it done with the right people attached," adds Noto. Ironically, the other day, the brakes have been put on production for the film ANGELS AND DEMONS, the official follow-up to THE DA VINCI CODE, which went onto to gross 755.6 million. Besides his work on The Fantasticks, Noto has written the play BALD EAGLES; produced the Gospel musical, WALK IN THE LIGHT; and was the publisher/editor for CONCERT BILL MAGAZINE. the PALM WEST here in NYC will host a reception for the book on Monday, November 26.