Just hours after claiming to be drugs free at an awards bash, Pete Doherty is filmed shooting up heroin in a exclusive video from the London Sun. The Babyshambles rocker who has been claiming he is "Drug Free" and has been slapped on the wrist for drug offences in several countries is shown in the corner of the room at his home, in Wiltshire England, cooking the drug on a spoon and then filling the syringe and shooting up in his right arm. It is time that Doherty went to jail. He is going to kill himself or worse yet someone else. Times Square Gossip asks all our England readers to speak up to your leaders and send Doherty to the slammer !


Mo said…
Addiction is such a nasty habit to have. I wish you the best Pete. If anything, I hope you don't kill another before killing yourself first. The way you've lived, that's what I see happening. So sad.
Anonymous said…
You want to be a loser of life, you may do that. Don't ask me to respect you when you can't do that for yourself.