Duane Chapman with James Edstrom and Beth Chapman

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse. In the next issue of Steppin Out magazine, Duane "Dog" Chapman sits down with celebrity journalist Chaunce Hayden and admits that besides his problems with African American's he also wants to rob a bank, blow buildings up and pay for hookers.

Chaunce Hayden: Has there been any talk of making a movie based on your life?

Duane "Dog" Chapman: There’ll be a movie soon. But I don’t want to come across as too self-righteous. I walk into a bank and I still want to rob it. I can’t help it.

Chaunce Hayden: Are you serious?

Dog: I do! When I see an armored car I check and make sure there’s two drivers. The thought is always there. It will never leave. I used to ask my mom if that thought will ever leave and she said, “Never, son! Your actions in life will change but your thoughts will always be the same.”

Chaunce Hayden: So you still have the urge to commit serious crimes?

Dog: Yes I do. Every single day. They shut off my power the other day and all my baby fish died. I got so pissed off after that! I was begging the lady on the phone not to do it but she said she didn’t care and still shut off my power. I paid my electric bill and they still shut me off. I was so pissed off that I wanted to burn them down. In my heart I was thinking, “You bitch, I want to blow your place up!” I didn’t want to kill her but I wanted to blow up her building. I hate to admit that, but I need to tell the truth.

Chaunce Hayden: How often do you get these thoughts?

Dog: All the time. But I don’t take action on them. I walk down the street and I see 10 hookers and they’re beautiful girls in Hawaii, where I live. I want to grab one of them for 50 bucks and go around the world, but I cannot.

Chaunce Hayden: What stops you from acting on your urges?

Dog: I just take a deep breath and say, “Lord, thank you.” I also say my prison number out loud to myself all the time.

EDITORS NOTE: I have met the Dog a few times. I have had dinner with him and his beautiful wife Beth as well as Leland and Tim. I love this family. I think right now Dog is in a bad place because his own son sold a tape to the National Enquirer of him saying some bad things and using the N-word. This has to be the worst betrayal. I think The Dog needs better public relations advice. He should have just held a press conference and said he made a mistake and that he used that word in anger. It was a private call between The Dog and His son. All you need is to walk down 42nd street in New York City and you hear African Americans calling each other N****S. Listen to rap songs. Why are there different rules for white people ? I think we have gotten carried away with this word. I think A&E should be ashamed at not addressing the issue and standing by their huge star. It was a mistake and the Dog is like all of us, learning everyday and trying to be a better person. And please don't go on Al Sharpton, this will only make things worse. Your fans are standing by you Dog !


Anonymous said…
dog the bounty hunter is the best show i care about them let him say it
that want bounty hunter do i was 1
from black metal mikey
Anonymous said…
I am so glad the dog got taken down. I do not like and him and never have
Anonymous said…
I'm guessing African Americans don't like the word N...... just as gays don't appreciate being called Fa*got.
Anonymous said…



Anonymous said…
He should not of been shut down-he has caught a lot of bad guys .People say stupid things all the time-we all have! N-word reflects on a low class person I have heard Black people call each other the N word more times than I can count.I have a daughter white that married a black man and have two children in daily speaking call each other-now you have his own son sets him up it is crap.When someone calls me a cracker am I to call Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton do we have all white colleges no-but we have all black schools so I am not against any race but we have people take something minor and make it huge.I am still waiting for Al and Jesse to apologize to Duke players here in NC guess what will never happen.We here all this crap about slavery but look at history Jews were slaves and the Romans had slaves as well.Anyhow America is made of people lot of races and we are going to crucify someone everytime they make a remark.Dog gets mad but he also catches the bad guys-you have no freedom of speech! Movies on TV make millions and audiences sit and watch-how many times have you seen Rosewood-did they get sued did move get banned.We had a riot here in town between Bloods and Crips now let me see what are they doing-you tell me?
Mo said…
God bless you Rock.
Anonymous said…
Leave the Dog alone, have you listened to rap lately? the white kids are being exposed to the n word daily and you expect them not to use it?? Hey if they can call each other the n word why the hell can't we? If the n word is such a slam against blacks why do they call each other that?So leave the white man alone he was just repeating what he hears others call themselves.
Anonymous said…
just goes to show how white trash this person is...they need to lock the rest of that family up ( they already got tim chapman )