Christina Aguilera hopes she can still wear her crotchless leather chaps when she is 60.The 26-year-old singer - who wore the racy trousers for her steamy 'Dirrty' video - had so much fun wearing the tight pants she wants to hang on to them into old age. Christina said: "I definitely stirred the pot a bit but I had fun. If it's under the mark of respectability it's prudish, if it's over the mark, it's sl***y."That's really unfair, so I'm happy I've been able to express myself and be on both sides - people have loved it, hated it, been undecided, and been empowered by it."I was only 21, and possibly when I'm 60, if I can still fit into them. At the end of the day I can say I have a f***ing blast."Christina - who is six months pregnant with her first child with husband Jordan Bratman - also revealed she hates people who "kiss her a**".She added to Britain's Glamour magazine: "I've never wanted to be surrounded by 'yes' people. There's some sort of lack of self-esteem for someone to gravitate towards that kind of energy. I don't like my a** being kissed."