Amy Winehouse in happier days with Blake Fielder Civil

Amy Winehouse's husband has been moved to a prison medical unit because doctors are worried he will self-harm.Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, was arrested outside the north London house he shares with troubled singer Amy last Thursday and taken into custody.On Saturday, he was taken to London's Pentonville Prison, where he reportedly spent the first 24 hours sobbing uncontrollably. Doctors were forced to move him to the medical centre over fears the self-harmer would deliberately injure himself. A prison source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "He is in the unit for his own safety. We want to keep an eye on him. It's also a precaution because he could experience trouble from his fellow inmates."Blake was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice after allegedly offering to pay barman James King - who he assaulted earlier this year - £200,000 (US $400 thousand) to change his story. A family friend claims Blake is so upset because he is worried about his wife Amy - who has drug and alcohol problems.The friend said: "Yes, he is crying non-stop, but he is crying for Amy. He's more concerned about her than for his own safety, he misses her terribly."Amy is also reportedly "furious" that she isn't allowed to see her husband until tomorrow, shouting at a friend: "It's ridiculous. Blake needs to see me, and I want to see him!"Meanwhile, 'Rehab' singer Amy stunned journalists at America's Blender magazine when she fell asleep three times during an interview with the publication. Amy mumbled throughout the interview and was incoherent in parts, reigniting rumors she has not managed to kick her drug addictions.Blender writer Jody Rosen wrote: "Amy has never exactly been a picture of health, but she looks especially worse for wear - hunched, heavy-lidded and just frail. Now her words are slurred, her eyelids drooping. Her head wobbles into a nod."She falls asleep for a second, wakes with a start, mutters and drops off again. The smouldering cigarette in her left hand falls to the floor."Amy's manager Raye Cosbert said: "Amy takes prescription medication, which makes her drowsy."


Mo said…
Great, more prescription meds. Does Amy or Blake know anything about the Anna Nicole Smith never ending drama? If not, someone PLEASE tell them!

Amy drops a [lit] cigarette as she falls asleep. From prescription drugs? The doctor prescribing this drug(s)...does he know she's falling asleep like she does? Does the idea of starting a fire even cross her mind? No. Someone, please tell her.

Addiction and codependency. I see similarities between this couple and the Anna/Howard K. Stern sham. (But Amy and Blake are LEGALLY married.)

I have no solutions but I think time apart between Amy and Blake is a GOOD thing. I wish them and all of us who have addictions, Godspeed and good luck.