Britney Spears' younger sister jumped to the singer's defence after she was verbally attacked by an irate woman on Sunday. The 'Toxic' star and 16-year-old Jamie Lynn were going for dinner at a Beverly Hills sushi restaurant, when an unknown woman - who lives near the star's Malibu home - yelled at Britney: "Nobody wants you in this neighbourhood Britney, move, you are making this neighbourhood very unsafe."Paparazzi following Britney leaped to her defence, telling the woman to "f**koff", while a furious Jamie Lynn hit back at the brunette, shouting: "Well,move the f**k out then!"The woman then tried to raise her hands to Jamie Lynn and a worried Britney pleaded with the photographers to protect them.Jamie Lynn told a video cameraman: "Don't let her come near me. Don't let her touch me anymore."Britney - who is constantly followed by the paparazzi everywhere she goes -was reunited with Jamie Lynn and her estranged mother Lynne at the weekend.The 25-year-old star - who recently lost custody of her two young sons - had not spoken to her mother for months, but the pair have decided to put their difference behind them.