Kim Cattrall says her 'Sex and the City' character is one of a kind.The actress - who is reprising her role as man eater Samantha Jones for the movie version of the hit US TV series - claims there is no one else in the world with Samantha's views and attitudes. Kim said: "Everyone asks if Samantha and I are alike and the answer is no, no, no. I don't think there's anyone in the world like Samantha - if there is I don't know them."The 50-year-old star says playing a femme fatale caused problems in her marriage to ex-husband Mark Levinson because he didn't like her filming such raunchy scenes.Kim - who is currently romancing Canadian chef Alan Wyse - said: "I'd come home at 5am after doing all these scenes involving nubile young men and he didn't believe I'd been filming. He was a fan of the show but he had problems with some of the episodes and story lines."Kim's 'Sex and the City' story lines included stripping naked in fire station, having a lesbian relationship and trying to bed a priest.