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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Kim Cattrall

On the surface, "Sex and the City" and "Girls" might seem like they're cut from the same cloth; both of the HBO shows feature four women in New York City navigating careers and relationships. But the similarities really end there, as Kim Cattrall reminded us in a HuffPost Live interview today.

Cattrall: "['Girls'] is a different story than 'Sex and the City.' It's not as fantastical. But we live in different times. [The recession of] 2008 was a real big game-changer for everybody, and I look at that show, and it represents what young women today are dealing with... I think ['Girls'] is a fantastic show. I really, really enjoy it. I think it's beautifully acted and realized and written."

View Clip HERE.

Cattrall also got to relive an appearance on "The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers" which took place during her "Mannequin" press tour.

"You don't use birth control?" Rivers asked a young Cattrall, before making the actress promise that she would use condoms.

Cattrall: "That was one of my first television experiences. She was so sweet to me." 

The "Sex and the City" star then revealed that Rivers sent her an apology note and commended her for being such a good sport that night.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Kim Cattrall

Sex And The City Legend Kim Cattrall, attended Tribeca Talks: After the Movie: 'NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage' during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC Tribeca PAC, in New York City.

Thursday, November 03, 2011



Simon Paisley Day With Kim Cattrall, Paul Gross And Anna Madeley

Kim Cattrall

Paul Gross

Anna Madeley

Sir Richard Erye

Simon Paisley Day

Simon Paisley Day along with Paul Gross, Kim Cattrall, Anna Madeley, Sir Richard Erye and others, attended the Meet & Greet for the cast and director of Broadway's 'Private Lives' at Paramount Bar at The Paramount Hotel in New York City today.

Photos By: Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Kim Cattrall

Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall is telling women to get rid of their underwear in the name of fashion, because she's convinced going panties-free is "healthier." The sexy star, at age 53, is admitting she rarely wears undergarments beneath her clothes, and she's adamant more girls should give it a try. She tells Britain's Look magazine, "My ultimate fashion advice is that it's a proven fact that if you don't wear underwear it's more ventilation and that's maybe healthier."

Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Monday, April 12, 2010


The guy or girl that writes this column is a very big industry insider who wishes to remain anonymous, but wants to write about all the headlines happening in Hollywood and the Music Industry.

Vincent D'Onofrio

VINCENT NO MORE --- We'd be remiss if we didn't report on last week’s “Law & order/Criminal Intent,” the second-part of the episode entitled “Loyalty,” wherein everything changed for the Major Case Squad, as depicted in the show. The terrific Eric Bogosian, who essayed Captain Danny Ross in the show, was shot and gone forever. The terrific Vincent D’Onofrio was suspended and suddenly, new to the show Jeff Goldblum, with Kathryn Erbe, were suddenly running the show. The entire show, about a nefarious gun-running plot bordered somewhat on the absurd; especially when a rival FBI-task force kept rearing their heads in the investigation. It was one of the most confusing “Law & Order” epics I’ve ever seen, and when part two came on, D’Onofrio and Erbe were hardly seen. It was, to this writer, a sad ending for such a terrific show and a most talented group of actors. Bogosian, ever since his “Talk Radio,” gave performance-art a much need kick in the pants and really acted circles around most of the actors on the show, and certainly held his own next to Vincent. D’Onofiro is an interesting case; I remember him on an episode of “Miami Vice’ in the ‘80s where he was really excellent as a gun-running gangster and quickly realized we'd be hearing a lot from this fellow quite soon. He was in “Men In Black” and “Full Metal Jacket,” and several other memorable epics, but as the character of “Robert Goren” really hit his stride. He sparred with everyone else in the cast and really had some of the juiciest stories ever. In 2007, Leight had Rita Moreno playing the character’s mother, possibly having dated madman Mark Ford Brady, essayed by Roy Scheider, as being Goren’s father …. thus, confirming a possible streak of madness for Goren. Just exceptional writing and acting. Producer/writer Warren Leight, ousted by the show’s Dick Wolf, created some of the best scripts I've ever seen and when he left the quality really went down the tubes. Dick Wolf, one of the most prominent Republican supporters in the country, is an oddity: His three Law & Order shows are shown everywhere … and, I do mean everywhere, but he nickels-and-dimes the actors, writers, and directors so often, that there is always a considerable shift in the quality. Is that good or bad? For Wolff, it seems to pay off every time. I watched the very first Law & Order when it came on in 1990 … and, have loved it for the most part; all three, but discharging D’Onofrio may well have killed this offshoot of the mother ship. A shame for sure. RECORD STORES DAYS – I am currently reading a new book by Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo entitled “Record Stores Days (Sterling Publishing)” depicting the colorful history of the record store; from its impressive beginnings with the likes of Sam Goody and Colony, to the rather dismal end of superstar chains like Virgin and Tower. I actually worked for the Sam Goody-chain and E.J. Korvette’s (remember them?) and saw firsthand how influential these stores were. Kid’s today remember almost nothing about stores like these, as they select almost everything online. Before the much-lauded and much-hated Soundscan process; where a bar code was placed on each and every album, CD, or single … the playing field was subject to frequent manipulation and thus, the sales figures that were forthcoming, were most always unreliable. Calamar runs his own Go Music company in L. A. and has provided music supervision on everything from “House” to HBO’s “Six Feet Under.” Gallo is a highly respected and knowledgeable music writer; having written for everything from Daily Variety to LA Weekly; and The Wrap. He’s a terrific fellow and I've treasured every one of our meetings. This is a great book not only for all the factual information, but for the tales of just how many people who worked in these stores went onto such great acclaim in the record business. Hale Milgrim for one rose to the rank of president for Capitol Records. Not for every reader, but if you have if only a passing interest in how these stores worked and how influential they actually were … this is perfect for you. The book is out just in time for the 3rd annual record Stores Day on April 17, 2010; We'll have a full preview next column.


Vinny Pastore

FOXY DAYS --- We were up at Fox News the other day with actor Vincent Curatola and his PR-man David Salidor. Vince was there to banter on the “Bull And Bears Show “…. and, from the Green Room out popped former Senator Alfonse D’Amato. Apparently the two know each other and instantly greeted each other. Seems the two had gone to see a show by the rock-group Chicago years back, where Vince even sang with them onstage, and commiserated about the terrible weather and Ron Delsener, who had produced the show. Curatola went on the show… and, killed. Tonight is his show with Vinny Pastore (Big Pussy’s Rat Pack Revue”) at The Gramercy Theatre and we'll have a full wrap-up next column. LOST FOUND --- A few words about “Lost” on TV. After the episode last Tuesday, “Happily Ever After,” there remain 6 shows left. And, with this episode the ending became clearer than ever before. Once again, I must laud everyone of the show for delivering some of the best work I've ever seen on the small screen. The writing is just sensational, the acting even better, and the dazzling time-traveling concepts just giddily addictive. Several seasons before, the show perfected not only the flashback … but, also, the flash forward… and, this season they perfected the flash-sideways. The best thing on TV since “Twin Peaks.” If you're not a watcher yet, it’s probably too late now, but, suffice to say, you missed one of the TV-events of the decade.


Kim Cattrall

SHORT HITS --- The web site Hitfix reported that “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” star Logan Lerman was almost the 100% choice to becoming the next Peter Parker aka Spiderman. Next, SONY got into the picture saying that was very definitely not the case. In case you happen to following this, director Marc Webb, who did the absolutely stunning “100 Days of Summer” is locked into the project … but, he doesn't yet a have a cast. Weird doings nonetheless. Almost like the Broadway-Spidey vehicle, that’s already into the millions, but doesn't have a start date … or, cast either. Strange days indeed … Showtime appears to be shamelessly in love with William H. Macy as they have greenlighted 12 episodes of “Shameless,” which follows an alcoholic father of a blue-collar Chicago family … HBO has ordered nine episodes of Mike White and Laura Dern’s “Enlightened,” a comedy about a woman “who has a revelatory experience at a treatment center.” … Marvel and Paramount will spend over $80 million to promote “Iron man 2” through print, TV, radio, in-theater, and on the net. Also, look for “Iron Man 2” Dr. Pepper cans! Too much sugar … Less than one week after John Forsythe passed, “Dynasty” co-star Christopher Cazenove died April 1 … Roman Polanski’s attorneys have filed one final plea urging California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal to let go of the over-30-year-old-case, claiming it’s a drain on the state’s legal system … And, speaking of Polanski, I finally caught his latest movie “Ghost Writer.,” over the weekend. What an absolutely terrific picture. Ewan McGregor; Pierce Bronson; Kim Cattrall; Timothy Hutton ; Tom Wilkinson; and, James Belushi. Intrigue, based on fact, awesome performances … I loved it!
Photos By: Sara De Boer/RD/Dziekan/Retna

Friday, September 04, 2009


Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall was spotted in Times Square, New York City yesterday and was happy as can be. The Sex And The City star looked great!
Photo By: RD / Jim McKenzie / Retna Digital.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009




Maximiliano Palacio With Kim Cattrall

Maxmiliano Palacio With Donna Karan

Michael Musto With Alan Rish, Jada Yuan And Sam Bolton

Sessa Von Richthofen With Hubby Page Six Icon Richard Johnson

Is Maximiliano Palacio (Real Housewives of New York) the next man toy for Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) in the Sex and the City 2 movie? Buzz in the Hamptons at the Ellen's Run party for Breast Cancer was that Gillies Marini the last hunk in the romance comedy has mucho competition from the Argentinean actor. Cattrall co-hosted the party at Steven Klein's farm with Donna Karan and Daphne Guinness. Old friend Page Six Richard Johnson was also there with Village Voice icon Michael Musto.
Photos By: Ann Watt

Sunday, August 03, 2008


The James Beard Foundation Honors
Chef Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck And Editor Nicole Brewer

Allan Wysean And Kim Cattrall

James Beard Foundation toasted multiple James Beard Foundation Award-winner Wolfgang Puck as the guest of honor at Chefs & Champagne® New York at the Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack, New York. Over 770 guests, including actress Kim Cattrall and restaurateur Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque fame, attended the annual lavish tasting party and fundraiser which featured culinary offerings from a select group of 35 fine chefs from New York City and beyond, flowing Champagnes, and the wines of Wölffer Estate Vineyard.The James Beard Foundation's annual Chefs & Champagne gala is considered the East End’s premiere culinary event. A silent auction consisting of fine dining experiences, rare wines and spirits, cookware and culinary travel packages raised over $42,000 to support the James Beard Foundation’s mission and educational programs. With a long tradition of supporting culinary education, two of the 2008 James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program recipients were acknowledged at the event. Robert Hawk of Cohoes, NY received the Christian Wölffer Scholarship and Christina Cassel of Sagaponack, NY received the Peter Kump Memorial Scholarship. Established in 2006, the scholarship fund supports students in their study of food and wine. More Infomation click here.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Sex And The City Star Kim Cattrall dreaded returning to the set of hit movie-television show, because she feared that, at 50, she wouldn't be sexy enough anymore. The still sexy star was blamed for causing delays in the movie version of the hit television series, reportedly demanding more money and creative control over the project. But Cattrall admits it was, in fact, her lack of confidence as an aging Hollywood star that prevented her from immediately signing on to the project. She needed reassurances from director Michael Patrick King before signing on to play sex siren Samantha Jones again. She says, "I was quite nervous because it had been four years and I had turned 50. We did camera tests because all of us (cast) have aged. I worried about being sexy enough again. "I said to Michael, `How can we do this? I want to look great and not feel self-conscious.' And he always said, `We are going to take care of you.'"

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sexy Kim Cattrall

Sexy Sex And The City actress Kim Cattrall is vowing never to go under the knife to stay looking young, because she is too scared that the plastic surgery could go wrong.The star looks younger than her 51 years, and insists she will continue to grow old gracefully.Cattrall says of surgery, "I’m frightened about giving somebody that kind of control."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sexy Television star Kim Cattrall has donated four white coats from her hit show 'SEX AND THE CITY' wardrobe to an animal-rights charity.The 51-year-old has given the furs her character Samantha Jones wore for the movie adaptation of the hit TV show to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). According to, the animal-rights group will distribute the coats to the homeless. A spokesman for PETA says, "The only people who can be excused for wearing fur are the homeless, to keep warm during the winter."

Friday, November 09, 2007


Kim Cattrall has removed all the neon lights in her house, because they make her look old.The stunning 51-year-old actress, who is famous for her fresh-faced looks, recently got rid of all the harsh lighting because "neon is not our friend."Kim said: "I've gotten rid of all the neon lights in my house. As a friend of mine told me, 'Kim, neon is not our friend.' "Although she is paranoid about ageing, Kim - who admitted to having Botox injected into her forehead - will never resort to going under the knife to regain her youth.The 'Sex and the City' star said: "I'm terrified of plastic surgery. I prefer to think it's possible to be like Helen Mirren or Judi Dench, who look great but also look like women of their age. But I do empathise with women who have cosmetic surgery because there's such a lot of pressure to do it."Let's face it, ageing is tough, and who actually likes their lines or wrinkles? Not me, that's for sure."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Kim Cattrall says her 'Sex and the City' character is one of a kind.The actress - who is reprising her role as man eater Samantha Jones for the movie version of the hit US TV series - claims there is no one else in the world with Samantha's views and attitudes. Kim said: "Everyone asks if Samantha and I are alike and the answer is no, no, no. I don't think there's anyone in the world like Samantha - if there is I don't know them."The 50-year-old star says playing a femme fatale caused problems in her marriage to ex-husband Mark Levinson because he didn't like her filming such raunchy scenes.Kim - who is currently romancing Canadian chef Alan Wyse - said: "I'd come home at 5am after doing all these scenes involving nubile young men and he didn't believe I'd been filming. He was a fan of the show but he had problems with some of the episodes and story lines."Kim's 'Sex and the City' story lines included stripping naked in fire station, having a lesbian relationship and trying to bed a priest.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Kim Cattrall is jealous of her 'Sex and the City' character.The actress - who played maneater Samantha Jones in the hit US TV series -wishes she was loved as much by fans as her alter-ego.Kim told Britain's Glamour magazine: "People used to try and book me as Samantha - can you believe that? And I just wanted to scream, 'I am not Samantha!' Nor do I want to be, as much as I think she's great. Nobody's really interested in getting to know me."I feel jealous of Samantha, because I feel like maybe I might be quite funny or interesting if I was given the chance."The 50-year-old actress - who has reprised her role as the glamorous PR executive for the 'Sex and the City' movie - also wishes she had Samantha's straight talking skills.She said: "I flew from Ireland to Canada in economy class recently. I sat down, exhausted, and this woman behind me starts talking really loudly saying, 'Oh there's a woman who used to be an actress on the plane - she was in that thing 'Sex and the City', which I always thought was c**p.'"I didn't know whether to turn around in a Samantha-like way and say,'Really? What didn't you like about it?' or just leave it."

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Kim Cattrall stormed out of 'Sex and the City' reunion party, it has been reported.The actress was scowling as she left the bash at New York's Butter restaurant to celebrate the start of filming 'Sex and the City: The Movie' on Monday. One diner told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Kim left earlier than the others and was wearing a scowl. She was just shooting a dirty look at the paparazzi." Kim's co-stars Sarah Jessica and Kristen Davis remained unfazed by her hasty departure and continued to enjoy the evening.The source added: "Thirty minutes later the other two left, with big smiles on their faces. Kristen climbed into a town car and Sarah looked like she was walking home." Kim's swift exit has sparked rumors she has reignited her feud with Sarah Jessica. Reported tension between the pair was said to be the reason behind the big screen adaptation being delayed. At the time, a source close to Kim revealed: "Kim Cattrall does not want to sign on to do the film. She feels she has been treated horribly by Sarah Jessica Parker for six years - so why would she want to revisit that for one moment?" 'Sex and the City: The Movie' is set to be released in the US on May 30 next year.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Kim Cattrall is "flattered" with the public demand for a 'Sex and the City' movie.The blond actress, who played maneater Samantha Jones in the hit US TV series, is looking forward to reprising her role in the film version, which was announced this week. She told Britain's Heart radio station: "I'm really am so flattered because I feel that people actually do miss the show and the characters. "However, Kim admits she had reservations about making a movie version because she was worried about whether the script would live up to expectations. She added: "I thought the series really ended so well and to re-open it would have to be a great script."As with any project that you do it really starts and ends with the script, you've got to ask the questions, 'Who are the characters? Where will they go? What will their journey be? Will people be interested?'Earlier this week, it was revealed the 'Sex and the City' movie will begin shooting in September.The much-anticipated film, was given the go-ahead after its four main stars - Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim - all agreed terms.According to reports, filming will start in September with a release date set for next year. Speculation has been rife there will be a movie of the show, about four female New Yorkers and their sex lives, ever since it ended in 2004 after six hugely successful series.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The sexy cast of 'Sex And The City'

The 42-year-old actress revealed all of the show’s stars are keen to reunite for the long-awaited film. Parker told Us Weekly magazine: "This is a very complicated puzzle to put back - not for the reason that people speculate about because as far as I know all of the actresses want to be together again for this movie."Somehow in my brain I think the timing is fortuitous because if we had done it years ago we couldn’t have done it now. I’m hopeful and very excited about it." Speculation Parker and co-stars Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon would return for a film adaptation of the hit US show has been rife ever since the end of its sixth and final series in 2004. It was widely believed the biggest stumbling block for the project was the alleged frosty relationship between Parker and Cattrall, who played man-eating Samantha Jones in the show.