Kid Rock wishes he'd hit Tommy Lee harder at the MTV Video Music Awards.The 36-year-old rocker - who came to blows with the Motley Crue drummer at the Las Vegas awards ceremony on September 9 - regrets not leaving a more lasting impression. Rock told Rolling Stone magazine: "I don't got big guns, but I know how to throw a punch. If I knew how much press this was going get, I would've comeback with a left."The 'I'm a Cowboy' singer claimed he started the fight after Tommy antagonised him throughout the evening about their fellow ex-wife Pamela Anderson, following years of "disrespect". He added: "I was like, 'That's it!' He knows how much he has disrespected me through the years, and I'd told him he had it coming. I was left with no choice. I was going to be a b***h or be a man. And I'm not a b***h. Never have been."Meanwhile, the star has joked he is not leaving any of his fortune to his 14-year-old son, Robert James Ritchie Jr., because he plans to spend it all on living a luxurious life. He said: "Oh, my kid's grandchildren are set for life. But I also tell my son, 'You see how your dad is, if you think any of this is going to get left behind, you're nuts, because I'm going out with a bang, buddy.' "