Britney Spears is reportedly set to meet a Native American healer to help cleanse her soul. The troubled singer - who recently lost custody of her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to ex-husband Kevin Federline - is said to have organised the meeting with a head shaman near a reservation at the base of America's Grand Canyon. A source said: "The head shaman has agreed to perform the ritual on Britney, which is a great honor."The shaman will wave sage over her head and daub her temples with a magical potion. And the learned Indians will chant mantra and perform a special dance around her."Britney was inspired to arrange the visit by Owen Wilson, who met the healers following his suicide bid in August.The 'Toxic' singer has seen her life spiral out of control since splitting from Kevin in November 2006. She has been seen wildly partying, drinking heavily, flashing her genitals and allegedly taking drugs. In February, she publicly shaved her head off and swiftly entered rehab. However, after leaving Malibu's Promises centre, she continued to behave erratically. In July, her divorce from Kevin was finalised, with the couple sharing joint custody of Sean and Jayden. But Kevin was granted sole custody earlier this month after a judge ruled Britney was not behaving in a suitable manner.


Anonymous said…
Native American (alternative healing practices) are effective for those who have past lives as Native Americans! Good for Britney to be open to alternative ways of healing as it works for those who believe in it! If nothing else, it will cleanse her auric field of a lot of negative thought forms.

Whatever works for each of us to move into wholeness should be applauded (as long as nobody else is hurt).

Grand Canyon is so awesome and beautiful! Many breathtaking drives throughout the Southwest and, especially, Northern Arizona!

Good Luck to Britney and those little boys!