Britney Spears has reportedly recorded a damning song about her failed marriage to Kevin Federline.The singer, whose divorce to the former backing dancer was finalised in July, seemingly reveals Kevin's love of partying, money, cars and women on new track 'Why Should I Be Sad'. On the track, Britney sings: "It just seemed that Vegas only brought the playa out of you."The 25-year-old star - who lost custody of Sean Preston, two, and 13-month-old Jayden James to Kevin last week after failing to obey a court order in her ongoing custody battle - also allegedly slams her ex-husband's parenting skills in the song. A source told People magazine: "The song is definitely about Britney and Kevin's relationship when they were married. Britney entertains the idea that she stayed home taking care of the kids while Kevin was out partying. The track will be very revealing for her fans. It is one of the most personal songs she has ever recorded."'Why Should I Be Sad', which was co-written by producer Pharrell Williams, features on Britney's latest album 'Blackout'.Pharrell admits Britney's behaviour has spiralled out of control recently, but wishes her well.He said: "At the end of the day she is a sweet person. She's just made a couple of decisions that none of us would necessarily agree with, but you try being that age and living under that kind of pressure. I wish her well. I pray for her. I hope she fares well throughout all of this craziness."'Blackout' is due to be released on October 30.


Anonymous said…
Hope she can pull her life together soon on behalf of her young sons!

The public got a glimpse of how Kevin Federline was treating her with the first child and, unfortunately, she conceived the second child only three months after the first birth. IMO he needs to have a vasectomy as he has two other children born out of wedlock. All the children are under the age of five years.

I sense she doesn't really trust intimately trust anyone at this point in her life and the reason she permits the paparazzi to support her; unfortunately, they appear to have become her "friends".

JLo married one of her backup dancers and it didn't work either!

Good Luck to Britney Spears and those little boys!