Troubled pop star Britney Spears was ordered Monday to relinquish custody of her two toddlers to former husband Kevin Federline. The order by Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon was issued after lawyers met with him in a private session requested by Federline's lawyer. No reason was given for the order, but Federline has repeatedly pressed the court to act to take Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, away from Spears because of her erratic behaviour and problems with drugs and alcohol. Gordon has previously found that Spears is a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of alcohol and controlled substances, and ordered her to submit to random, twice-weekly testing. A Celebrity website said that Gordon acted after Spears failed to follow his instructions to meet with a drug counsellor, submit to drug testing or enroll in parenting classes. The website said that the final straw came when she violated his order not to drive the children around without a valid California driving licence - which she did over the weekend. The website reported that Spears handed the children over to Federline's representatives Monday afternoon at a fast-food restaurant.


Anonymous said… sad its come to do you see why you need professional help????
Mo said…
Don't think Britney thinks she NEEDS help. I'm so afraid we have another Anna Nicole Smith in the making here. There are too many similarities between the two.

I've learned you can't help people who don't want help. Usually, it takes hitting the so called "rock bottom" before someone can turn themselves around.

My take on this whole thing is that Britney hasn't reached her rock bottom. I pray to God she doesn't kill herself.
Anonymous said…
Britney needs someone in her life whom she can TRUST to guide her into psychological and spiritual counseling.

She's now placed herself in quite a difficult place....I think she will suffer more than people give her credit with having her children taken from her custody. Yes, she's been crying out for help for sometime now! She doesn't need a bunch of blood thirsty, greedy attorneys (whom most of us don't respect anymore) but truly someone who has HER best interest at heart.
Anonymous said…
Since when do people think it is OK for a man to marry a successful person like Britney Spears, ruin her career and her life, obviously getting her hooked on damaging drugs, and then hit her for alimony? Something is wrong with this picture. Britney went under like the Titanic after she married Federline. Now as she has floundered, still obviously suffering from addiction, this parasitic user, Federline, gets one of Britney's bodyguards, whom she fired, to testify against her with the help of Gloria Allred, for whom I have lost respect.

I see no reason to think Federline is any better a parent than Brittany, but now I guess in addition to alimoney, which I think had a deadline, I guess he will be hitting Brittany for child support. What is wrong with this man? Can't he make a living? He has clearly contributed to ruining Brittany's career, so what is he trying to do? Totally destroy her?

Brittany needs help. She was happy, successful and had a great career. I blame Kevin Federline for what has happened to Brittany. He is a loser and a user who has dragged Brittany down.
Brittany is only 25 years old, and she has been made a has been and is supporting a jerk like Federline who needs to support himself, and the children need to be cared for by Brittany's family while she gets the help she needs.
Anonymous said…
Britney was happy and had a successful career before she married Federline. After that she apparently developed a drug problem. I blame Federline, and since when is it OK for a man to hit a woman for alimony? What is he, a loser and user? Can't he work? Now he has gotten a fired bodyguard who worked for Brittany for only two months to testify against Brittany with the help of Gloria Allred, for whom I have now lost respect. I guess Federline will now be filing for child support. Brittany needs HELP. I seen no reason to think the children are well off with Federline, who may just be better at hiding his additions and problems. Maybe Brittany's mother would be a safer place for the children to reside until Brittany gets the help she needs and is totally rid of Federline. Federline needs to work and support himself. Too bad Brittany ever met him.