Britney Spears is a mess the other day !

Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline completed their first parenting session yesterday.The 'Toxic' singer, who lost custody of her two sons, Sean Preston, two, and 13-month-old Jayden James to Kevin earlier this month, and her former spouse arrived at the Beverly Hills Hotel for their first Parenting Without Conflict meeting yesterday afternoon.A source said: "Britney wasn't nervous about the parenting session. She was actually really looking forward to it."Although Britney was initially excited about the meeting, she was seen crying hysterically in a hotel bathroom soon after arriving.The former couple - who had only previously seen each other twice since separating last year - met with a parenting coach for the two-hour session, who encouraged them to take part in 'polite requests' drills.The coach also gave the pair advice on how a divorced couple should raise their children.Craig Ogulnick, a supervisor on the programme, explained: "Instead of saying, 'You're always bringing the kids home late because you're an insensitive jerk,' we teach parents instead to say, 'When you bring the kids home late, I feel like you're not valuing my time, and I feel hurt or angry as a result.' "Britney and Kevin are due to appear in court tomorrow for a progress review with Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon.The pair must also have completed three sessions of joint parenting counselling sessions.The 25-year-old singer, who is currently under a court order to take two random drug tests a week, was seen carrying a packet of Provigil - a prescription drug used to treat daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy - as she arrived for her parenting classes.One neurologist said: "Unlike a traditional stimulant with side effects such as hyperactivity and inattentiveness, the primary effect of this medication is only to help keep you from falling asleep. Somebody who is living a celebrity lifestyle, who frequently has to be up very early one day and then very late the next, could develop very disordered sleep patterns."This medication won't give you a 'high,' like a stimulant would."


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Mann she looks rough in that pic