Britney Spears has reached a financial settlement in the hit-and-run case brought against her.The 'Toxic' singer - who drove into Kim Robard-Rifkin's parked vehicle, in a San Fernando Valley car park on August 6, before driving off - agreed to pay Robard-Rifkin "around $1,000". Britney, who will also cover the cost of Robard-Rifkin's rental car, is now hoping the hit-and-run charge will be dropped. Britney's lawyer J. Michael Flanagan said: "Britney has paid compensation approximately in the $1,000 range. Once the court sees proof of the compensation, the charge will probably be dropped."The singer still faces a charge of driving without a valid Californian driving licence. Britney was charged with two criminal charges of hit-and-run causing property damage and one of driving without a valid Californian driving licence after photographers captured the incident on camera. Meanwhile, Britney's driving is causing more problems after she drove over a photographer's foot yesterday afternoon. An onlooker said: "You could see the tyre marks of Britney's car on his foot. He was in a lot of pain and was taken to hospital."Following the incident, Britney drove off "without looking back to see what had happened".The 'Toxic' troublemaker also drove into a paparazzi photographer's parked car as she left a party in Hollywood on Monday night.


Anonymous said…
Britney is one f**ked up person!
Why does she keep getting behind the wheel of a vehicle/
It is a wonder the way she keeps running over crap that she hasn't ran over one of her own kids or her dogs.
She is a hopeless individual!
Anonymous said…
britney is so stupid like that. im suprised she hasnt been locked up for good. and i feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with her.
thank god she hasnt gained custody of sean and jayden. she would have just desroyed their lives.