Snoop Dogg has been sentenced to 160 hours community service.The rapper, who pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of a dangerous weapon, also received three years probation and was ordered to donate$10,000 to charity as part of the plea bargain. His lawyer, Donald Etra, said the felony conviction would be reduced to a misdemeanour after one year if Snoop does not violate the law. Etra said: "We are very pleased with the outcome. Snoop's goal is to make music, not make court appearances."The hip-hop star was arrested last September after a collapsible baton was found in his luggage at Orange County's John Wayne Airport. It was classed as a dangerous weapon by the authorities, while Snoop claim edit was a prop for a video he was filming in New York and he did not realise it was a weapon.


Anonymous said…
how many times is this asshole going to get off on gun charges etc..?? is it going to take him killing some innocent person to lock his ass up??