Monday, September 24, 2007


Mel B "terrorises" her daughters with kisses.The Spice Girl - who has two children, eight-year-old Phoenix Chi, and five-month-old Angel Iris - is in a "very happy" place right now and loves to shower her girls with constant affection.She said: "I can't go a day without giving them lots of kisses. I terrorise them with kisses."The 32-year-old singer also gushed about her new husband Stephen Belafonte,who she married in a quickie ceremony in Las Vegas in June, praising him for using his person trials and tribulations to become a "better person". She added in an interview with Jet magazine: "We've been through a very similar roller coaster with life, friends and experience. You know how someone makes themselves a better person every time you see them? That's him."I have complete respect for someone that can take the best bits out of the crap bits and make it all blossom."In 2003, Belafonte - previously known as Stephen Stansbury - was spared jail after not contesting he hit his former common-law wife Nicole Contreras,after a "drunk and retarded night".Mel even had kind words for her ex-lover Eddie Murphy, who she took to court to prove he was the father of Angel, saying he was "nice" when they briefly dated in 2006.She said: "I have nothing bad to say about him. For the guy that he was when I was with him. He was nice, really nice. Since we split, I don't know the person he has become so I can't comment on that."Mel B's daughter Phoenix Chi is from her previous marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar. The couple divorced in 2000.

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