Former 'Stone Roses' Ian Brown

Ian Brown doesn't think Pete Doherty should go to jail.The former Stone Roses frontman - who spent four months in Strangeways prison for allegedly threatening a stewardess on a flight in 1998 - insists being behind bars won't stop Pete from taking drugs. He told NME magazine: "Pete Doherty really isn't going to get any benefit in prison. A lot of screws are dealers. In Strangeways prison they used to throw drugs over the wall hidden inside dead pigeons. You can get an ounce of weed inside dead pigeons."My advice to Pete is to get off the class A drugs first."Pete, who is currently in rehab at Clouds House clinic, Wiltshire, was ordered to quit drugs or face a prison sentence last month. He will appear in court to be sentenced for driving illegally while in possession of crack cocaine, heroin, ketamine and cannabis next month. Ian, 44, also says he feels sorry for Amy Winehouse, because she will one day regret having so many tattoos and looking like a "sailor". He added: "I feel really sorry for Amy, with all those tattoos. In two years' time she'll be like, 'Why have I turned my arm into a sailor from the 1940s?' Am I a fan? Not really. I think there's loads of black girls out there who sing like her, but are better - but that's the way the world is."


Anonymous said…
The Guys in the JOINT are NOT going to like him OUTING their drug delivery secrets!!!NOT GOOD to RAT!!!
Anonymous said…
sadly he's right yall..all over they put druggies in prison ..and you think they will at least come out clean and sober..yet somehow they manage to come out still addicted and pick up a few new addictions as well..