'Toxic' Britney Spears

Sir Elton John wants to help Britney Spears turn her life around.The 'Rocket Man' singer, who has successfully battled drink and drug addictions in the past, is concerned about the 25-year-old star's recent wild behaviour and has given her his support. Sources claim Elton has offered Britney, who was recently ordered by a court to take twice-weekly drug tests to prove she's a suitable mother to her two young sons, a private place to stay, away from the paparazzi who hound her. One source said: "Elton has been watching Britney spiraling out of control over the past few years. He has decided enough is enough and reckons he has plenty of experience in the business to help her. He feels so sorry for her because she had fame at such a young age and hasn't handled it well." It is not the first time Elton has offered his support to a fellow star.In 1997, the 60-year-old musician and his partner David Furnish 'kidnapped' Robbie Williams to take him to rehab after the 'Angels' singer binged on heroin, cocaine and ecstasy. Robbie said of the experience: "I was sandwiched by two people in the back of the car, so I wouldn't try to commit suicide or run off. Elton tried to do a lot for me and I didn't thank him enough. But what he did was weird."Elton tried to do what he thought was best, and obviously that came from a very loving place. But the whole thing for me is tarnished with the lack of professionalism." Elton also offered troubled star Amy Winehouse the use of his spiraling mansion after her recent drugs overdose.