Russell Crowe is set to play a villain in the new 'Star Trek' movie.The 'Gladiator' actor has reportedly been approached by director J.J. Abrams, who is said to be desperate to get him on board for the long-awaited sci-fi epic. A source said: "Russell is definitely considering J.J. Abrams' offer. Russell was always a 'Star Trek' fan as a kid, which is a big bonus."Abrams is reportedly keen to cast Crowe, 43, as an evil character who will play a pivotal role in the eleventh 'Star Trek' movie.The source said: "A baddie would seem more likely for Russell. He could play a part in the historic movie without having to compete with any of the original cast's performances."'Heroes' star Zachary Quinto will play Mr. Spock, while it is yet to be announced who will take on the iconic role of Captain James Kirk.'Star Trek' legend Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock in the original 60s TV series, has already signed up for an "extended cameo" as an older incarnation of the half-Vulcan half-human.It has also been rumoured Abrams' friend Tom Cruise could make a surprise appearance in the film.The new movie is due for release in December 2008.