Amy Winehouse's mother believes her daughter is on a path to "self-mutilation". The 23-year-old singer - who is currently believed to be receiving treatment at Essex's Causeway Clinic following a alleged drug overdose - still can't accept she has a problem and is "lucky to be alive", claims her mother Janis. Janis is quoted as saying: "Her brain is addled. She is on a path of self-mutilation and lucky to be alive. It's like a sickness and she can't see it."It hurts but I know I can't help her. She's got to do that for herself and I only hope she is strong enough. I saw her after she left hospital and she looked terrible. Her brother Alex told her, 'You're not going to live to 25, do you know that?'"Janis also revealed she feels uncomfortable around Amy's new husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who reportedly introduced his spouse to Class A drugs. She said: "I think it's a case of the less said the better."After Amy got married in the US and came home she didn't want me to go round and see her, even though I had a wedding present for her."I don't feel I can connect with Amy when Blake's around."Janis admits Amy was never an "easy child" and claims the singer predicted herself she would die young. She said: "Once Amy said to me, 'I don't think I'm going to survive that long'. A part of me has prepared myself for this. It's as though she has created her own ending. She's reckless and stubborn."