Elton John arrives at service

Dapper Prince Harry

Britain's Prince Harry told how his and his brother William's lives had been torn in two by their mother Princess Diana's death. Speaking at the memorial service held to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her passing, the congregation, including the British Royal Family, Earl Spencer and Sir Elton John, were all visibly moved by the young prince's heartfelt speech today. Harry, 22, remembered his mother as his "guardian, friend, protector and the best mother in the world."He said his and William's lives were divided into two parts, a time when they took their loving mother for granted, and the ten years since she died. Movingly, he said he and his older sibling missed her everyday. Harry purposefully mentioned his "loving father" Prince Charles in his speech. He also offered his thoughts to "anyone else who lost someone that day" - a gesture to the Al Fayed family. Diana was tragically killed aged just 36 in a car crash in Paris in the early hours of August 31 1997, along with her lover Dodi Al Fayed. Harry said he and William spoke about Diana every day, and they remembered her as "fun loving, down to earth and genuine" and hoped the world would remember her for "making people happy". During the service at the Guards Chapel in London's Westminster area, William, 25, sat with the royal family, including his father and grandmother Queen Elizabeth, on the left side of the church. Harry sat on the right side with Diana's Brother, Earl Spencer, and the rest of her family.After Harry's frank and moving speech, many of the congregation wiped tears from their eyes, while the crowd gathered outside the church watching on a big screen applauded and wept openly.In his address, the Bishop of London, the Right Reverend Dr. Richard Chartres, remembered Diana for her charitable work.He made a point of chastising those who "use her memory to score points" - an apparent swipe at he behaviour of her former butler Paul Burrell, who was not invited to the service.Reverend Chartres went on to say: "Let us make this service the point at which we let her memory rest in peace."Prince William and Diana's sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale also gave religious readings during the service, and special prayers written especially for the occasion by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury were also read out.Among the guests were Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Sir David Frost, Sir Cliff Richard and Dodi Fayed's sister Camilla.