Madonna celebrated her 49th birthday the other day with medieval jousting.The superstar singer and her husband Guy Ritchie held a lavish bash at their UK home, in Wiltshire, for 20 close friends.Madonna - who is a keen horse rider - booked equestrian troop The Devil's Horsemen to entertain guests with a jousting show - which involves the troop dressing in armour and 'attacking' each other with lances.Partygoers were also treated to a performance from Gogol Bordello singer Eugene Hutz, who dueted with Madonna during her incredible closing performance at Live Earth London.Hutz played with Russian gypsy act The Kolpakov Trio, and their Romany-inspired set is said to have gone down a storm with the birthday girl and her guests.It is not the first time Madonna has had a horse-inspired birthday.However, this year's bash fared better than her 47th.On that occasion, the 'Hung Up' singer was thrown from a new horse that Guy had arranged as a special treat.The fall left Madonna with several cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a busted hand, and she had to undergo months of physiotherapy and Pilates before she was back to full health.