Elizabeth Taylor wants to star in the new 'Sunset Boulevard' movie.The double Oscar-winning actress would love to take on the role of femme fatale Norma Desmond in the musical remake, which will be based on Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit stage adaptation. Elizabeth said: "'Sunset Boulevard' is the kind of vehicle that could suit me now."However, the 'Cleopatra' star admits she may struggle with the part because she isn't convinced about her singing ability. She added: "I'm not sure about the singing."The original 1950 movie saw Gloria Swanson take on the role of Norma, an ageing former silent movie star who snares a young male admirer and persuades him to help her make a triumphant Hollywood comeback. Elizabeth - who celebrated her 75th birthday in February - remembers the days when stars were making the transition from silent film to speaking roles. She is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper as saying: "When I first got to Hollywood, I remember there were still lots of old silent actors looking for work. They, like Norma, had great difficulty making the transition from silent film to sound."My studio, MGM, was kinder than most and gave extra work to the likes of silent film actresses including Mae Marsh and Blanche Sweet."Other actresses linked to the role of Norma include Meryl Streep, Liza Minnelli and Barbra Streisand.