Lindsay Lohan is being sued for causing a traffic accident by allegedly performing an illegal U-turn. Signe Dupuy claims she was driving along Los Angeles' Fairfax Avenue in the early hours of April 26 when the 'Mean Girls actress performed an illegal U-turn, which caused Dupuy to crash her car. Lohan's long-time bodyguard Jazman Bennett - who was following the star in a black SUV - immediately did the same, cutting off Dupuy and causing her car to collide with his back tire. Dupuy filed her suit in a small-claims court on Monday. She is seeking $7,500 in damages from Lohan and Bennett to compensate her for "damage, injury and pain and suffering". Lohan - who is currently facing two charges of DUI (driving under the influence) possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a custody facility and driving on a suspended licence - is due to appear in a small-claims court in September to answer to Dupuy's allegations.Dupuy also claims Lohan stopped and glared at her before driving away, while Bennett gave her a fake name and number when she asked for his licence and insurance information. Dupuy sent a letter to Lohan's representative in an attempt to clear up the situation, but never heard anything back.The representative confirms they received the letter, but assumed the actress' lawyers were dealing with it.