Pete Doherty claims Kate Moss ended their relationship after watching a DVD of him flirting with groupies.The troubled Babyshambles rocker - who was believed to have split from the supermodel after spending the night with a South African model in June - says Kate accused him of being unfaithful after seeing images of her topless lover flirting with a group of female fans. He told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Kate shouted, 'I could tell by the way you were sitting back there that you've f***ed her.' "In one scene, Pete shares a bottle of red wine with a female fan and in another clip the 28-year-old is seen laughing and flirting with three young beautiful groupies on his tour bus. Pete is also seen "painting" around a woman using blood squirted from a syringe in the 10-minute trailer for a feature-length film on his life.There is also footage of Kate's 33rd birthday party from January.The model is seen smoking marijuana, playing the drums, singing and doing star jumps with her closest friends. Meanwhile, Pete has revealed his heartache at being estranged from both his parents. Pete's father Peter disowned him after he failed to beat his drug addiction and the musician doesn't speak to his mother Jacqueline because she"betrayed" him. He said: "Me and mom are not on speaking terms after she wrote a book about me. It kills me. I felt betrayed. We have a lot of issues to sort through.Talking about it is difficult, I always end up weeping."Whatever has happened in the past I love and respect my father. He doesn't want anything to do with me. Battling to restore the relationship is one thing I'm focusing on. If I kick drugs I will win him round again and I can have a family again."Pete begged Kate to take him back the other day despite branding her a jealous "nasty old rag". He said: "Kate has broken my heart. There's been this lock down and I can't get hold of her. This is the only way I can get through. I'm here to tell her that I love her."