Victoria Beckham is sending her children to summer camp.The Spice Girl, who has just moved to Los Angeles with soccer star husband David and their three sons, eight-year-old Brooklyn, four-year-old Romeo and two-year-old Cruz, is keen to get them settled into the American way of life as soon as possible. She told Parade magazine: "The children are going to summer camp. My main aim right now is to get them settled. Everything else is on the back burner. I'm there for David. He takes his sport very seriously. With David, so long as he's happy at home, he performs well. We back each other up in everything we do. When he comes back from practice he's got us all there with smiles on our faces just to protect him and give him the support that he needs."The 33-year-old singer believes the boys will find it easy living in America because they like the food. Victoria - who previously lived in Spain with her family when David played for Real Madrid - said: "The kids just think we're moved to Disneyland. I keep telling them, 'No, it's La-La land.' That's much more designer-y. I have outdoor children who love sports. They can't wait to go to basketball games and baseball games and eat American food. We've been living in Spain and the food is trickier for them there."