Chris Gilman and Elliot Tiber
Photo By: James Edstrom
TAKING WOODSTOCK's ELLIOT TIBER held court at NY's PALM WEST Thursday night, with Times Square Gossip(and pr-powerhouse DAVID SALIDOR), talking about his forthcoming launch party at Steve Walter's Cutting Room on Tuesday, August 14. Tiber's book, released by Square One Publishers, candidly details the efforts Tiber took to make the Woodstock festival happen. "I ran a hotel with my parents in White Lake, NY, the El Monaco, befriended Max Yasgur ... and, when the permit required to hold the festival fell through, I secured the proper notification, as I was on the Bethel Chamber of Commerce ... and, it went off."
All along, Tiber was living a closeted-gay-lifestyle; going into New York on the weekends and befriending people like Rock Hudson, Robert Mapplethorpe, artist Mark Rothko; and, Tennessee Williams. Tiber gradated from Hunter College with honors and slowly became enveloped in the burgeoning gay-lifestyle in NY. Then on June 28, Tiber walked into the Stonewall Inn, and witnessed first hand the riot that would galvanize the American gay movement. "It was something to see ... American-spirit in the best sense of the word and everyone at the Inn came together like never before. We were bonded ... forever!" The book is a compelling historical read on the event that changed everything. Engaging several passersbys outside the Palm West, Tiber did a quick market-research of the effects of Woodstock ... as he asked two young people about it, and they knew about, but only had limited knowledge. "If I didn't do it ... you'd probably be dressed somewhat differently," he said. Though he comments he'd like to be known as the gay man that made Woodstock happen ... he does realize the everlasting effects of the 1969 event and reflects on his life since. "I've done several plays, written several books, but this one, I think is the one that ties it all together. Everything I ever wanted to say bout Woodstock is here." Times Square Gossip is co-hosting the event at The Cutting Room, and, will be followed up with another event at Palm West.