Matt Damon gets his Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Matt Damon says he is too old to do any more 'Bourne' movies.The Hollywood star - who stars as former CIA assassin Jason Bourne in the trilogy - claims that at 36 his body can no longer cope with the physical demands of playing the action hero. He said: "There was a huge difference in the fighting stuff. The first movie, 'The Bourne Identity', came out when I was 29. For the third one I was 36 and I definitely felt my age."In one big fight scene in Tangiers, Joey Ansah, the guy I'm fighting, is only 23. He would have been in high school when the first film came out!"Earlier this month, Damon revealed he wanted his portrayal of the former assassin to be completely convincing. He said: "My big fear was that people weren't going to accept me as the character. So we decided I should just train like crazy for everything - the fighting, the firearms - so I could actually do them. I even took six months of boxing lessons."Yesterday, Damon became the 2,343rd celebrity to be honoured with a star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.The third movie, 'The Bourne Ultimatum', hits cinemas worldwide next month.