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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Matt Damon Poses @ Serendipity 3 With Friend

Matt Damon was seen and posed for photographs at Serendipity 3 where he came to have burgers and ice cream with his family on Sunday in New York City. Staff say he was pleasant and enjoyed frozen hot chocolate and hot fudge sundaes

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Matt Damon On Popcorn With Peter Travers

During a taping of ABC News’ “Popcorn With Peter Travers,” Matt Damon opened up in a wide-ranging discussion about Harvey Weinstein and others inside and outside the entertainment world who have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct this year. His full interview will be available to watch beginning Wednesday, December 27, on, the ABC News apps and on streaming platforms including AppleTV, Roku, Xbox One and Hulu.

Matt Damon opens up about Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment and confidentiality agreements.

Matt Damon addressed the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein, saying, “I knew I wouldn’t want him married to anyone close to me.”

“But that was the extent of what we knew. I mean, and that wasn’t a surprise to anybody. So when you hear Harvey this, Harvey that — I mean, look at the guy. Of course he’s a womanizer,” Damon continued in an interview for ABC News’ “Popcorn With Peter Travers.”

Damon, who stars in the upcoming film “Downsizing,” worked with Weinstein on his Oscar-winning film “Good Will Hunting,” which was produced by Weinstein’s production company Miramax.

In the past year, several women have publicly accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Weinstein has acknowledged inappropriate behavior but has denied any allegations of non-consensual sex.

“Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances,” his spokesman previously said.

In a wide-ranging discussion with Travers on Tuesday, Damon opened up about Weinstein and others inside and outside the entertainment world who have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct this year.

Read part of Damon’s conversation with Travers below.

Peter Travers: We live now in a different age, in a political age. There’s a lot of dissidence that goes on in the world that could affect you as an actor. We’re also in the age of people charged with sexual misconduct. This is everywhere. How do you react to that? Especially you, as the father of four girls.

Matt Damon: I think we’re in this watershed moment. I think it’s great. I think it’s wonderful that women are feeling empowered to tell their stories, and it’s totally necessary … I do believe that there’s a spectrum of behavior, right? And we’re going to have to figure — you know, there’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right? You know, we see somebody like Al Franken, right? — I personally would have preferred if they had an Ethics Committee investigation, you know what I mean? It’s like at what point — you know, we’re so energized to kind of get retribution, I think.

And we live in this culture of outrage and injury, and, you know, that we’re going to have to correct enough to kind of go, “Wait a minute. None of us came here perfect.” You know what I mean? … The Louis C.K. thing, I don’t know all the details. I don’t do deep dives on this, but I did see his statement, which kind of, which [was] arresting to me. When he came out and said, “I did this. I did these things. These women are all telling the truth.” And I just remember thinking, “Well, that’s the sign of somebody who — well, we can work with that” … Like, when I’m raising my kids, this constant personal responsibility is as important as anything else they learn before they go off in the world.

And the fear for me is that right now, we’re in this moment where at the moment — and I hope it doesn’t stay this way — the clearer signal to men and to younger people is, deny it. Because if you take responsibility for what you did, your life’s going to get ruined …

I mean, look, as I said, all of that behavior needs to be confronted, but there is a continuum. And on this end of the continuum where you have rape and child molestation or whatever, you know, that’s prison. Right? And that’s what needs to happen. OK? And then we can talk about rehabilitation and everything else. That’s criminal behavior, and it needs to be dealt with that way. The other stuff is just kind of shameful and gross, and I just think … I don’t know Louis C.K.. I’ve never met him. I’m a fan of his, but I don’t imagine he’s going to do those things again. You know what I mean? I imagine the price that he’s paid at this point is so beyond anything that he — I just think that we have to kind of start delineating between what these behaviors are.

PT: It’s harder, isn’t it, though, when you actually know someone who gets accused? We both know Harvey Weinstein. I’ve worked with him. But I didn’t see any of this.

MD: When you see Al Franken taking a picture putting his hands on that woman’s flak jacket and mugging for the camera, going like that, you know, that is just like a terrible joke, and it’s not funny. It’s wrong, and he shouldn’t have done that … But when you talk about Harvey and what he’s accused of, there are no pictures of that. He knew he was up to no good. There’s no witnesses. There’s no pictures. There’s no braggadocio … So they don’t belong in the same category.

PT: I think it becomes for all of us, too, that are in any way around it, even though we’re not seeing it, is, what’s our responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen?

MD: A lot of people said, ‘Well, Harvey — everybody knew.’ As you were saying, that’s not true. Everybody knew what kind of guy he was in the sense that if you took a meeting with him, you knew that he was tough and he was a bully, and that was his reputation. And he enjoyed that reputation, because he was making the best movies out there …

[With regard to the rape allegations,] nobody who made movies for him knew … Any human being would have put a stop to that, no matter who he was. They would’ve said absolutely no. You know what I mean? … I knew I wouldn’t want him married to anyone close to me. But that was the extent of what we knew, you know? And that wasn’t a surprise to anybody. So when you hear Harvey this, Harvey that — I mean, look at the guy. Of course he’s a womanizer … I mean, I don’t hang out with him.

PT: But you can’t live his life for him. Or be responsible for his life.

MD: Right. So the question is, at what point does somebody’s behavior that you have a professional relationship with … away from the profession bother enough that you don’t want to work with them? For me, I’ve always kind of, you know, as long as nobody’s committing a crime — well, that’s your life, and you go live it. I don’t need to be spending time with you, away from my professional life, at least.

Monday, January 09, 2017


Brie Larson

Some of the looks from the Red Carpet at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

Who: Brie Larson, 2016 Best Actress Golden Globe Winner

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Sophie Turner

Who: Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones Actress

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Hailee Steinfeld

Who: Hailee Steinfeld, Best Actress in a Comedy Nominee, The Edge of Seventeen

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Luciana Bozan Barroso And Matt Damon

Who: Matt Damon


Item: Maioco Oxford

Photos Courtesy Of: Getty / Wireimage / Domain 

Monday, October 10, 2016


Matt Damon

Matt Damon was photographed at 'The Great Wall' Panel during the 2016 New York Comic Con at Madison Square Garden the other day in New York City.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013



By: G. H. Harding
George Clooney

Matt Damon
MONUMENTS STOPPED --- Big news last night in Hollywood as Sony Pictures announced that George Clooney’s much hyped World War II movie The Monuments Men – scheduled to open for the holidays on December 18- has been pushed back to an unspecified date in 2014. The official reason is that certain visual effects could not be completed in time; but, the underlying reason may well be, that as good as the film is supposed to be (Sony successfully sneaked it last weekend at several local-key theaters in L. A.) it just wasn't good enough for the holiday rush. If you recall, when the movie’s trailer first came out, several months back, I quipped that it looked great… but, I also said I had already seem Clooney in military garb in his The Good German movie. The cast is pretty exemplary too, Bill Murray, Matt Damon, Jean Dujardin, Cate Blanchett, and, the ever-wonderful John Goodman, but, the story, about the Nazis stealing priceless art, was a bit tough to fathom.

Though Clooney was prepared to mount an effort to get the movie recognized fully by the Oscar-patrons and hopefully vie for some awards … now, all that won't happen. George is shooting Disney’s Tomorrowland and the success of his movie Gravity (with Sandra Bullock) goes on and on.

Gravity, is, in fact, one of the movies of this year. I'm a fan of the man … great taste and stylish in almost every way. To be honest, to have Monuments Men come out without so much competition might be the best thing of all. I'm in!

WOODMAN MAGIC --- Woody Allen’s new movie has a title. It’s called Magic in the Moonlight. The film was shot this past summer in the south of France. Cast includes Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater, and Simon McBurney. There are some reports that Magic will open July 26, 2014, but that’s because that was the release of his awesome Blue Jasmine. Maybe we'll see it in the next Cannes event. But, by then Woody will be working on a new film altogether. Blue Jasmine, by the way, has made $50 million worldwide; a person best for the director. I predict it will clean up at the Oscars.

CLOSING NOTES --- Marc Eliot's new book Nicholson is out next week via Crown. Eliot's past subjects have included Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas, Steve McQueen, and The Eagles, and in this new one paints an intimate picture of the always charming and charismatic star's life, with extensive research and some rare interviews with some people who know Captain Jack well; including Micky Dolenz, of The Monkees, film-titan Mike Medavoy, and Monte Hellman. I'm half-way through it now and am loving it ...

Apparently Lana Del Rey is having trouble finding inspiration to write a full-length follow-up to her 2012 breakthrough, Born to Die, according to a new interview in Nylon. "When people ask me about it, I just have to be honest — I really don't know," she said about a follow up album. "I don't want to say, 'Yeah, definitely — the next one's better than this one,' because I don't really hear a next one. My muse is very fickle. She only comes to me sometimes, which is annoying." Note to Lana: I'm a huge fan and I think the material, especially the song “Summertime Sadness,” that you wrote with Rick Nowels, is one of the best songs I've heard in decades. Start writing again with him! ...

The Grammy Museum has announced that they will be honoring Motown founder Berry Gordy and singing legend Smokey Robinson with their first Architects of Sound Award. Bob Santelli, director of the museum, said "We are honored to celebrate both Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson as the first-ever recipients of the Architects of Sound Awards. Their contributions to Motown have truly changed the landscape of American music. We are grateful to these extraordinary industry leaders who will be helping us celebrate not only our first gala, but also our upcoming five-year anniversary of The Grammy Museum."

The awards will be presented on Monday, November 11 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. The evening will be hosted by Randy Jackson and will include a reception, dinner and a concert for the two honorees with Boyz II Men, Kelly Rowland and additional artists, to be announced ...

After four episodes thus far, The Blacklist (with James Spader) is still one great ride. Monday's episode The Courier, was just excellent with the actor delivering some of his best work yet. Many have compared the show to what the relationship was like between Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Clairce Starling in that great 1991 movie Silence Of The Lambs (directed by Jonathan Demme); and, the more I think about it, they're spot-on. Monday's show ended with Spader and Megan Boone (his Clarice) sitting together ... lost in thought in a sun-drenched apartment. Great TV for sure ...

The upcoming Cutting Room shows by Stones-Ron Wood & Mick Taylor should be classic indeed .. great one Steve Walter ... Also, look for Micky Dolenz at Donnie Kehr's Rockers On Broadway show November 11 ...

Inside Edition's Deborah Norville releasing The Way We Are ... a compendium of her years on the show. She joined them in 1995 ...

And, finally: Gavin (Love Boat) McLeod on NBC's Today Show this morning (tub thumping) his new memoir This Is Your Captain Speaking) - "Can you believe my first hair-piece was a second-hand hairpiece?" There's a lot of this going around ... too funny!

Monday, September 23, 2013


Matt Damon

Shemar Moore

Derek Hough

Shemar Moore, Matt Damon, Anna Farris, Alison Janney, and Derek Hough were among the celebrities enjoying Sabra in the Backstage Creations Celebrity Gift Retreat at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Photo Cousteay Of:: Invision/Domain MSA

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The Foxes From Fox News Jamie Colby And Kimberly Guilfoyle

Alina Cho

Bryant Gumbel With Hilary Quinlan

Peggy Siegal

William Fichtner

Frank Grillo

Rachel Roy

Matt Damon

The stars came out in force for the 'Elysium' New York screening at the Sunshine Landmark in New York City.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013



By: G. H. Harding

 Paul McCartney

MACCA’S ROCKSHOW --- Last month the many Paul McCartney-fan sites were a-buzz with the news that his 1976 groundbreaking live album Wings Over America had been re-mastered and was due for imminent release. Also, the filmed DVD of the tour (dubbed Rockshow) was being released simultaneously as well by our friends at Eagle Vision. Both are out now and this past weekend we had a chance to view the DVD. First, as a major musical moment, this tour was the first major undertaking by McCartney and his new band … after The Beatles, dubbed Wings. Wings was always a calculated risk by McCartney; how do you replace The Beatles … and, could you? The main compliant by the other members of The Beatles was that McCartney would instruct them what to play … and, how to play it on his songs. 

In the Wings-ensemble, everyone was basically hired by McCartney, so his instruction was expected. Still, musically, it was interesting what he performed on this tour. Of the 28 songs, only 5 were from the Beatles’ era. Needless to say, they were pristine performed and the response properly adoring. The rest of the show was focused on his solo work and the early Wings album; particularly impressive were “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Listen To What The Man Said,” and “Band On The Run.” Interestingly, “Live And Let Die” (written expressly for the Bond movie of the same name), which many people drubbed McCartney as selling out when he wrote it, is as strong as ever. When he performs the song to this day, it’s still the same arrangement as back then; fireworks and all. A tad tacky perhaps, but it’s still a standout moment during his show. Now, the video-performance of the show is an interesting point as well, but for a different reason.

 The filmed passages of Paul and the band all seem like they were shot from the 7th or 8th row. The scenes are just so closely shot; that you just barely get the proper ratio of the band to the audience. It almost seems like it was shot in 200-seat club. Now, not to get too picky (this was 1976 after all) but, if nothing else, it just shows you how far we've come in the DVD-department. The one other thing that grabbed me was just how great a drummer, Joe English, was and is. Just a tremendous job. The other members of the band, Denny Laine and the late- Jimmy McCulllough were superb as well. Looking back, McCartney assembled a kick-ass band and it made me wonder (as well as many countless others), had The Beatles continued, what they would have come up with. If you're a fan … this is required viewing and listening.

 Matt Damon

DOUGLAS & DAMON --- I finally had the chance to catch HBO’s recent Behind The Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Before it aired two weeks back, the praise being lavished on this was rather amazing and I was eager to see if it indeed lived up to the hype … and, it does … to a point. The first thing I loved seeing was the old early-70’s HBO logo that started the broadcast. 

The very first scene featured Damon and Scott Bakula, who is tremendous throughout, as Liberace’s procurer of new, young men … all blond and none-too-smart. Damon and Douglas are outstanding too; Douglas gives a star performance as Liberace; and nailed his voice as well as mannerisms. I actually saw several of his shows in Vegas (as he once was the town’s highest-paid performer) and while the performance scenes are not blown up as perhaps they should have been (they were much more camp and all-encompassing in person), director Steven Soderbergh (and, writer Richard LaGravanese; based on a book from Scott Thorson) indeed captures the enthusiasm of the shows. Liberace was a closeted figure, yet when he stepped on stage, he gave 150% to his adoring performances. Dan Aykroyd, as Seymous Heller, Liberace’s manager, is just stellar. Dan Acykroyd … who knew? The movie does have its moments when it descends in sheer parody, but, I really enjoyed it. The final scene, when Liberace is dying, because of Douglas’ own drama, is chilling. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Matt Damon

Matt Damon may look like a bad guy with the prison jumpsuit and fake neck tattoos while on set in Vancouver filming Elysium. But don’t be fooled.

This week, Matt Damon and, the charity he co-founded, are launching a water bottle campaign to help some of the 884 million people who lack access to clean, safe water.

"I think what resonates with me most is when you see people living without clean water and they're forced to scavenge for water and basically use up all of their time just doing that,” Damon said. “You realize that they're in such a crippling cycle of poverty; it's just a death spin that they can't possibly get out of."

With the purchase of each limited-edition CamelBak Groove reusable water bottle, $10 will go directly to

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Matt Damon

Jennifer Westfeldt With John Hamm

Chris Cooper


Ben Affleck With Jeremy Renner And Blake Lively

Chuck And Charlotte Hogan

Allan And Matthew Horn

Todd English

Rebecca Hall

Producer Aaron Stockard

Penn Badgley

Ben Affleck

Luciana Bozan Barroso With Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon and his beautiful pregnant wife Luciana Bozan Barroso along with Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Todd English, Producer Aaron Stockard and other stars attended the premiere of "The Town" at Fenway Park in Boston, MA.

Photos By: RD / Bergman / Retna Digital.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Shanna Moakler

Joe Reitman

Matt Damon Plays His Hand

Phil Ivey And David Allen Grier

Shannon Elizabeth

Chris Ferguson

David Allen Grier

Jennifer Harmon And Marco Traniello

Montel Williams And Another Wife

David Zayas

Brad Garrett

Matt Damon

Evander Holyfield

Don Cheadle With Annie Duke And Norman Epstein

Jerome Bettis

Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon along with Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Shanna Moakler, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Ferguson, David Allen Grier, Montel Williams, Brad Garrett, David Zayas, Jerome Bettis, Evander Holyfield, Annie Duke And Norman Epstein attended the Ante Up For Africa Poker Tournament at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada last night.

Photos By: RD/ Erik Kabik/ Retna Digital