Jennifer Lopez always sexy

Jennifer Lopez can't resist eating junk food.The singer - famous for her voluptuous curves - works hard to stay in shape when she has a new project to promote, but satisfies her calorific cravings when she has time off. Jennifer told Cosmopolitan magazine: "If I've got a movie or an album to promote, I'll work very hard to stay in shape for those few months. But I eat McDonald's every now and again, and go through phases where I don't exercise at all."Even though I always try to eat healthily, I'll often allow myself a nice treat, like a chocolate-chip cookie - I just won't eat the whole packet!"If I'm putting on pounds, I tend to be more careful what I eat but I don't do anything drastic. I'll eat a little bit less and exercise a little bit more."Also, I'll work out with my trainer twice a week and eat more fish and steamed vegetables but I'll still eat carbs."Food is a great gift in life - it's there for us to enjoy."