Michael Jackson, Julia Roberts and Oprah Winfrey are all looking to buy homes in St. Michaels, Maryland, after it was made a "no-fly zone".The US seaside town has become a property hot spot for stars wanting to escape paparazzi helicopters after Vice President Dick Cheney imposed the ban when he bought a house there in 2005.However, determined paparazzi seem intent to ignore the ban after learning of the area's possible star residents.Jackson reportedly stayed at the town's luxury hotel the Inn at Perry Cabin last week and residents complained about a helicopter hovering nearby.St. Michael's store owner Rodney Whitacre said: "Maybe the helicopter has nothing to do with him, but if he has a house here, how long before the rest of the world finds out and finds us?"Local estate agent John Coile said: "Periodically, we'll hear about a big celebrity like this prowling around."Lately, the name that's been circulating is Oprah. That's one that'll get your attention."Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton enjoys yachting holidays in the town and both Jackson and 'Pretty Woman' star Roberts are said to be looking at beachfront homes.