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Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Sen. Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham discusses fallout from Fire and Fury, Russia probe, Trump's mental fitness, DACA, North Korea and more.

On Trump's mental fitness

Graham reacted to Pres. Trump calling himself a "a very stable genius": "If he doesn't call himself a genius, nobody else will."


On investigation into Trump campaign's involvement with Russia

"I think Mr. Mueller should be able to do his job without being interfered with." Graham said. "There's no evidence of colluding yet — but I think Mueller should look." "Let Mr. Mueller do his job, and Mr. Trump, our president, should focus on his day job," Graham added.

On backing Mueller

"An attack on one party is an attack on all," Graham explained why people on both sides of the aisle should support Mueller's investigations: "In a democracy, if you don't have each other's backs in stuff like this, then you lose control of democracy."

On watching Meghan McCain grow up

Graham said McCain advised her father not to go after Barack Obama over Rev. Jeremiah Wright: "Meghan said, 'Dad, don't do it. It's not right.' And all the smart people shut up."
"She was brave enough to say something."

Lindsay Graham On The View

On his message to 'Dreamers'

"Help is on the way." Graham discussed the deal to preserve DACA, and shares his message to 'Dreamers': "This is the only country they know."

Additional Highlights From Yesterday's Show

Hot Topics: Women take center stage at the Golden Globes

"I'm thrilled!" Whoopi Goldberg weighed in on the solidarity shown at the Golden Globes: "I'm thrilled that the conversation is happening and that it is no longer the norm NOT to tell — we no longer accept that as the norm!"

Hot Topics: Oprah's stirring Golden Globes speech

Reports say the media mogul is thinking of running for office — Sunny Hostin said while she strongly admires and praises her work, she has some reservations: “Don't we already have someone in the White House who has no political experience — and it's not going that well." "I don't think you can just step into this role even if you're as beloved as Oprah."

Photo And Video Courtesy Of: ABC / Disney

Friday, September 19, 2014


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was seen the other night dining at Beauty & Essex in New York City. She tweeted and instagrammed a photo of herself where she posed inside the Pawn Shop with Chef Chris Santos (Partner and Chef of The Stanton Social and Beauty & Essex) with the caption: @SantosCooks mmMmm delicious and inspired idea @BeautyandEssex. We  would post the pic, but Oprah who is the queen of all media needs lessons of taking a great shot. They should have called us!  

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Marla Maples

Fabrice Morvan
In 1990, the pop duo Milli Vanilli ruled the billboard charts and took home the Grammy for best new artist of the year, but overnight they became music’s biggest scandal when it was discovered the front men, Rob and Fab, hadn’t sung a note on their own record. Today, we catch up with surviving member Fabrice Morvan in Amsterdam where he tells his side of the story and what was happening behind the scenes back then. Next, “The Partridge Family” star, Danny Bonaduce, now 52 years old, reflects on his abusive childhood, the embarrassment of being homeless and famous at the same time, his past scandals and also his new life in Seattle with his wife, 25 years his junior, who he credits for his sobriety. Then, an Oprah Show Trivia moment with “The View’s” co-host Sherri Shepherd who was in the audience of the “Oprah Show” 20 years before she made it big. Plus, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples talks about her spiritual side and her relationship with her daughter, Tiffany Trump, and the Trump family.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013



Nate Berkus With Oprah

In his most personal and revealing interview yet, interior designer and TV personality Nate Berkus will sit down with Oprah Winfrey on the Emmy® Award-winning series “Super Soul Sunday” for a two-part episode airing Sunday, February 10 and February 17 from 11a.m.- 12p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Nate Berkus founded the Chicago-based design firm, Nate Berkus Associates at the young age of 24. In 2002, Berkus was invited to make over a small space for The Oprah Winfrey Show where he eventually became a familiar face as design expert with more than 50 guest appearances and 130 home makeovers. His ability to connect with viewers and bring home design to the masses led him to take center stage as host of The Nate Berkus Show from 2010-2012.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


With all the drama surrounding the Lance Armstrong interview,expected to run in two parts this week on OWN Network, Olympic Champion Greg Louganis went to his Facebook account to give us some insight and his view on the drug scandal. I must say, Greg opened our eyes on a few things. The real champ here is Greg Louganis!

Lance Armstrong

From Gregory Louganis Facebook Page.

I don’t usually chime in with a lot of “gossip” or “public opinion” of celebrities, but I myself was challenged to figure out how I felt about the whole Lance Armstrong situation.

Am I disappointed he cheated? Yes, I “feel” for those competitors who were “clean” and competing. I am also not so naive to think Lance was the only one. I do have to say, all of the interviews and what I saw and the public saw, was a humble and gracious winner in Lance. He became a spokesperson of hope for Cancer, the “Live Strong” campaign; he gave hope to many when some may have felt hopeless. He didn’t shy away from the fame that was thrust onto him by media, advertising agencies, and the public. Living life under a microscope is no easy task.

I also might have a unique perspective, being diagnosed HIV positive 6 months prior to the Olympics in ’88. I was put on AZT, when I told my co-author Eric Marcus, he sobbed! He exclaimed, I will never know what an accomplishment that was, to win two Olympic Gold medals on AZT. Many of the HIV meds came from the research of Cancer. I think now I have a better idea what an accomplishment that achievement was as I, had to over time, needed to go onto growth hormone and hormone replacement to fend off wasting, and support my vitality. I doubt I could have passed doping test years after when in ’93 I had a terrible fungal infection in my colon. It was a challenge to get back to myself, energy level as well as a healthy body weight, it became a balance, but I remain on rather toxic drugs to keep a virus at bay.

I don’t know, and it is none of my business to know, what Lances treatments have been. But if even for a period of time those drugs were as toxic as I suspect they were, who is to say other medications were not necessary to balance a healthy and vital life. I am talking about “quality of life”!

I was asked what I believe Lances’ legacy will be, I have no idea, nor does anyone, but I know I will remember Lance as the man behind the “Live Strong” movement, with those yellow wrist bands, and a humble, gracious athlete who was seemingly kind. I like to focus on the positive and see the good in people, and Lance I feel has done a lot of good even if his name is removed from the record books of many Tour Records. I appreciate and respect what he accomplished to be voice of encouragement and hope. Thank you Lance!

Namaste, Greg

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tom Hanks With Oprah

Beyonce Knowles

Gayle King With Oprah Winfrey And Maria Shriver


Josh Groban

Rosie O'Donnell

Simon Cowell


Alicia Keys With Dr. Maya Angelou And Oprah

Stedman Graham

Jerry Seinfeld

Aretha Franklin With Oprah

Halle Berry With Katie Holmes And Queen Latifah

Oprah With Michael Jordan

Oprah was visited by stars Michael Jordan, Rosie O'Donnell, Diane Sawyer, Josh Groban, Usher, Simon Cowell, Stedman Graham, Jerry Seinfeld, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah and many more at the "Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular" taped for the "The Oprah Winfrey Show" at the United Center in Chicago, IL. The TV legend is wrapping up 25 years of doing the hit show.

Photos By: RD / Grabowski / Retna Digital.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tracy Chapman And Mary J. Blige

Dr. Oz

Oprah Winfrey

Bette Midler

Jennifer Hudson

Suze Orman

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks along with Suze Orman, Jennifer Hudson, Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, Tracy Chapman And Mary J. Blige and Bette Midler, attended the charity walk for the 10th Anniversary of O, The Oprah Magazine, at the Intrepid Welcome Center at Pier 86, in New York City.
Photos By: RD / Rob Kim / Retna Digital

Tuesday, April 20, 2010




Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is hitting out at a new unauthorized tell-all book written about her life by gossip queen Kitty Kelley, branding it a "so-called biography." Oprah's whole life has come under scrutiny following revelations made in the book by Kelley, including claims Winfrey used drugs and embellished stories about her poverty-stricken background. Winfrey addressed the scandalous book, titled "Oprah: A Biography," for the first time during The New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards yesterday, where she handed an award to her very best friend Gayle King. The mogul told the crowd that King found the book harder to deal with than she did, especially as several men began claiming to be Winfrey's biological father after Kelley claimed to know his real identity. Winfrey is very sure the tome will be forgotten about. Addressing the audience, the host said, "Last week was a rough week for Gayle when a so-called biography came out. Every day she's getting herself more and more worked up about all of my new daddies that are now showing up. New daddies who are saying, 'Hello daughter, call me, I need a new roof.' Well, this too shall pass."

Editors Note: Hey Oprah, why don't you put Kitty's book where it belongs and that's in the Kitty Kelly litter box!
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Janet Jackson

Pop star Janet Jackson is speaking out against her late brother’s doctor Conrad Murray. She is insisting that she blames the physician for his death. Murray has pleaded not guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter amid accusations he administered the powerful anaesthetic Propofol to Jackson, which led to the singer’s death last June. He is expected in court on Monday to face the charges. But In Janet Jackson's mind, the doctor is already guilty of Jackson’s death, who told Oprah her thoughts on Friday. When asked by the television host if she blamed Murray for her brothers demise, she replied, "Yes, I do. He’s the one that was administering the drug, from what I do know." She also confirmed in the interview that the Jackson clan had tried several times to intervene in an effort to get the singer into rehab for his drug addictions, but insisted they failed as he was "very much in denial ". Jackson died after suffering a drug-induced cardiac arrest.
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Paula Abdul

Former American idol star Paula Abdul is following in the footsteps of talk show queen Oprah. Paula has signed a deal for her own television series on the Oprah's TV network. Paula left her last job, as a judge on hit reality show in August 2009 following an alleged pay dispute. She has been replaced by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Paula is now preparing to relaunch her small career by taping a one-hour pilot episode for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The program will feature celebrity guests and people telling inspirational stories in a similar format to Oprah's show.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Friday, February 05, 2010


Oprah With Dr. Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith, is currently the medical/diet expert on VH1’s highly-rated “Celebrity Fit Club. Catch the premier of the new season of Celebrity Fit Club on Monday, February 8th. Ian is also the creator and founder of The 50 Million Pound Challenge Oprah called upon Dr. Ian Smith's expertise for her show, airing today on diabetes, which she calls "the silent killer." Now only if they could make us fit!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The guy or girl that writes this column is a very big industry insider who wishes to remain anonymous, but wants to write about all the headlines happening in Hollywood and the Music Industry.

Mel Gibson

MAD MEL: Mel‘s back in a supremely entertaining thriller-revenge movie called Edge of Darkness. Let’s get it out of the way and say that despite the tabloid headlines Gibson’s made over the past five years (and, no, I won't go into them!) let’s put all that behind us and focus on what a truly entertaining movie presence he’s been … and, still is. This riveting new movie is based on a BBC miniseries that has been developed by director Martin Campbell and producer Graham King (The Departed). In short, Gibson’s daughter is killed at the beginning of the movie and although everyone immediately assumes that Gibson’s Tom Craven was the intended target, as Gibson peels back the layers, he discovers that it was indeed his daughter who was the target. The brilliant Ray Winstone, whose character’s name is Darius Jedburgh, is just brilliant. Almost as good a villain as the marvelous Christopher Waltz from Inglorious Basterds, who’s been winning award after award this year. The movie showcases Gibson at his best. His line readings are terrific and though at times, I took exception to his Boston-accent (sort of an Australia via Boston); his total commitment to the role wings you over. It sort of reminded me of the brilliant China Syndrome (1979) movie all those years ago. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction to this movie … its good, no question about that, but the fires that Gibson set are in some ways still burning. I’ve spoken to people who say they’d never go to see this movie … good or bad. I would hope that the forgiveness with which America likes to bestow so frequently is at work here as well. The movie is that good.


Jay Leno

CO CO UPDATE: I watched Conan’s final NBC show and though at times it was pretty funny with guests Tom Hanks and Steve Carell … it didn’t blow me away. It was almost as if Conan finally realized that’d despite his $40 million plus payday … it was over. I know Max Weinberg, and while there’s no question he’ll land on his feet (maybe go back to that other gig with some guy named Springsteen), that was the final show. Sorry to see it end so poorly for everyone concerned. Jay Leno goes on Oprah today to begin to rehabilitate his PR-face … and, chin. Remember when Letterman didn’t get the Tonight Show … it went to Jay: It was documented by several people that Leno allegedly hid in a closet where he overheard crucial inside information that gave him a leg up in the negotiations … amazing! I never much cared for Leno’s schick and now … well, what can I add. A sad chapter for TV no doubt.


Tommy Mottola

TAKING A TOMMY: Anyone out there remember Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band from the late-70s? The band featured August Darnell (who'd go onto too much success with his terrific Kid Creole And The Coconuts entourage); Stoney Browder, who was August’s brother, and the terrific Sugar Coated Andy Hernandez, who later reemerged as Coatimundi. The group also featured lead singer Corey Daye, who was brash as well as beautiful. She ended up having several hit records as a solo artist as well. Their signature song, “Cherchez LaFemme/Se Si Bon” was a hit song in 1976 and contained the unforgettable line ‘Tommy Mottola … he lives on the road.’ Mottola at that time was their fledging manager. He went on to much success handling Kid Creole, Hall & Oates, John Mellencamp, and even for a time, Carly Simon. He married Mariah Carey and rose to the top of the music industry food chain as the president of Columbia Records. Michael Jackson labeled him a racist and he ventured into serious mayhem with the likes of George Michael. He left Columbia, left Mariah, married singer Thalia and tried to re-start Neil Bogart’s legendary Casablanca Records via a deal with Doug Morris and Universal Records … where their first release was an album by Lindsay Lohan! Tommy actually started out as a singer and released several recordings … one, which even became a hit. I know Tommy and despite several (and, I do mean more than several) rather hair raising stories I’ve heard about him in the last 25 years … I don’t have a bad word to say about him! Tommy has, much to my surprise, emerged as either ‘the next judge on American Idol,’ or, as ‘the new judge on X Factor.’ First: Tommy is certainly uniquely qualified for sure. He’s done this all his life … been in the music business all his life and certainly has my vote. I was surprised to see all the posts, good and bad, on Nikki Finke’s Hollywood Deadline column about his possible ascension to either of these roles. In my book, Mr. Mottola would do a fine job! MARK LINDSAY: We had a terrific chat with Mark Lindsay yesterday, he being the former lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders. Rather than rush the interview, we'll properly unfold it come Monday. Lindsay in fact will be here in NYC at Town Hall on March 19. Terrific talk … great interview. Lindsay is of course, part of the current Teen Idols 2 tour, with Micky Dolenz and Peter Noone. Check out his website.


James Cameron

TOP BLUE DOG: The numbers are in. Avatar has earned $1.859 billion in worldwide revenue in just 39 days. Monday, it officially eclipsed James Cameron’s other movie Titanic, set in 1998. No one really thought the record could be broken, but Avatar’s higher 3D ticket prices not adjusted for inflation made it all happen. Insiders predict that the worldwide revenue will reach $2 billion after next week’s Oscar nominations and the March 7 Academy Awards. About the only thing from that movie that hasn't really broken big, is the ending Leona Lewis (“I See You”) song. Strange too, as it was very well done I've seen Avatar and marveled along with everyone else. It is indeed, a new barrier broken.


James Taylor

TROUBADOUR TOUR: Singers James Taylor and Carole King are embarking on their Troubadour tour in the next month. The tour inspired by their stint last year at the infamous Troubadour club in L.A., should be a watershed moment for the burgeoning singer/songwriter revival currently occurring. Both artists are standouts in the field, are making a bold statement indeed with this tour. I saw them last week on the Today Show and David Letterman and they looked and sounded terrific. They’ll be back by the iconic L.A. group, The Section. And, yes, I got my tickets for their show at the Garden. OSCAR DEAREST: The Oscar nominations will be read next Tuesday, February 2nd, by Academy proxy Tom Sherak and Oscar-nominated actress Anne Hathaway. They'll unveil all 24 categories at a 5:30AM PST news conference. This is THE movie event of the year and nabbing a nomination, and, even an award, can make or break a career. The show itself will be presented on Sunday, March 7, at the Kodak Theatre in L.A. PAPERBACK WRITER: Congrats to our Times Square Gossip favorite Mark Bego as his own memoir, Paperback Writer is set to be released in the Spring. We'll have a more detailed report as the release nears, but suffice to say, it is a rocking and rolling look back at his celebrity-oriented career. From Melanie to Mary Wilson to Randy Jones, Michael Jackson and Madonna, they're all there. A great read!


Aretha Franklin

JAZZ FEST IN NEW ORLEANS: Joining the likes of Simon & Garfunkel and Pearl Jam at this year’s New Orleans JazzFest (April 23-May 2) are: Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, The Neville Brothers, Lionel Richie, Anita Baker, Allman Brothers Band, My Morning Jacket, Widespread Panic, Jeff Beck, B.B. King, Gipsy Kings, Elvis Costello & the Sugarcanes, The Black Crowes, Jonny Lang, and, Allen Toussaint. This will be the 41st edition of the series.
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Walter McBride/RD/Kabik/Retna

Monday, January 11, 2010




Barack Obama

My webmaster, Jason Baumann sent me an e-mail saying, “The Tribune wrote that they will not endorse a Democratic gubernatorial candidate. Neither will the unions. I am very independent and am pulling a Democratic ticket this year only because of our friend Stella Black running in the Democratic primary for Metropolitan Water Reclamation Commission. What are endorsements really worth?” The most publicized endorsement ever of a candidate was when Oprah Winfrey endorsed Barack Obama for President. In August 2008, two University of Maryland economists, Craig Garthwaite and Tim Moore, quantified the Oprah endorsement at 1 million votes in a study they published. "Winfrey’s ability to influence the actions of her supporters is impressive. Polling evidence suggests that this effect on consumers’ decisions may translate to politics," the economists wrote. "Furthermore, Oprah is regarded as one of the most prominent and influential public figures in the United States: if a celebrity endorsement is ever going to have an empirically identifiable influence, then it is likely to be hers." The economists recognized in their report that few studies have ever even documented a clear link between endorsements of any kind and voter behavior. While there might not be have been many scientific studies linking voter behavior to endorsements, there have been many polls. One done by USA TODAY during the 2008 Presidential election showed that 16% of people felt endorsements were very important; 21% at somewhat important; 23% not too important and 38% at not important at all. The fact that 16% of potential voters felt endorsements were important is really a huge number when one considers that many elections are usually won by only a few percentage points. Mayor Daley, the most prominent Democratic in Illinois ( sorry Mike Madigan!) said on Saturday that he won't be endorsing anyone running in the Feb. 2nd Democratic primary contests because he's too busy to worry about elections. "If I do endorse, you'll say, 'Boss Daley does this,' you guys will spin that," Daley told reporters. "In this day and age it's completely different, it's a completely different environment in politics, and I’ll be very frank. Endorsements don't mean as much as they used to mean in the past. "There's enough issues out there, whether it's public transportation, whether it's the parks, whether it's the schools, I'm focusing my energy and my experience on making sure everything's done for the city." In explaining why the Tribune is not endorsing either Democratic candidate for Governor, the editorial said, “We cannot endorse either (Quinn or Hynes) of these candidates in the primary. Neither one has inspired confidence that he can make the difficult, unpopular decisions that must be made to resolve this state's financial crisis.We don't see this as tantamount to an early endorsement of the Republican nominee in the general election. The Democrat who wins the primary will have nine months to make a better case for himself. We hope he proves our skepticism wrong. But if he doesn't, we think voters will have an easy choice.” When George Foreman signed a $137.5 million deal with Salton Inc. (recently merged with Applica Incorporated), entitling the grill manufacturer to global, unrestricted use of Foreman’s name in marketing the Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine and related products, who knew that more than 100 million grills would be sold? Salton later expanded the line to include many other products. In Foreman’s case, the public knew that his endorsement had been bought and paid for. While we hope that newspapers base their endorsements on who they think is the best candidate, how many of the general population know that at the slating session held by the by the Cook Cook Democratic Party a few months ago, potential judge candidates were asked if they were slated could they contribute $25,000 to the party and other candidates were asked for $40,000? If they answered, “NO,” they obviously would not be endorsed or slated. So while endorsements can have an influence in how the population votes, I think it is important to know how the endorsement was obtained. At least we knew Foreman’s was bought and paid for; we don’t always know that in politics. Click here for more from Kathy Posner....
Photos By: Sara De Boer/RD/Dziekan/Retna

Friday, November 20, 2009


Oprah Winfrey

Television queen Oprah Winfrey held back her tears in a emotional farewell today, as she confirmed she's quitting her talk show. Winfrey told her studio audience she will end "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2011, when its 25th season comes to a end. Oprah said "prayer and careful thought" led her to her decision. She explained, "I love this show ... this show has been my life and I love it enough to know when it's time to say goodbye. Twenty five years feels right in my bones and my spirit. It's the perfect number, the exact right time." New gossip is suggesting Oprah will to start up a new talk show on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, which is projected to debut in 2011.
Photo By: Walter McBride/Retna

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oprah Winfrey

A stewardess on television icon Oprah Winfrey's private jet who was allegedly fired for having sex during a flight in June while she slept on sleeping pills, filed a federal lawsuit Friday denying the all the allegations. The lawsuit filed by Corrine Gehrls is alleging that flight attendant Myron Gooch and Kirby Bumpus, who is the daughter of Winfrey's very close friend Gayle King and is also Winfrey's goddaughter, made the false and defamatory accusations to cause her to be fired from her job. Gehrls and chief pilot Terry Pansing, 57, one of four pilots employed by Winfrey, were fired a short time later for "inappropriate intimate behavior," the lawsuit said. A spokesman for Harpo Inc., Winfrey's Chicago production company, declined to comment at all to media outlets. The lawsuit claims Gooch made the allegations after Pansing and Gehrls complained that he refused to work as scheduled, sometimes required that his hours be shifted so he could fly back to Chicago to "attend to his cats," and insisted on staying in better hotels than the rest of the flight crew. Gehrls and Pansing passed polygraph tests after the accusation but were not reinstated, the suit said. According to the lawsuit, the jet was on the ground to refuel and take on a new crew at the time of the alleged encounter. Winfrey, Bumpus and other passengers were asleep "throughout the flight following their ingestion of sleeping pills," the lawsuit claimed. The lawsuit seeks more than $75,000 in damages from Gooch, Bumpus and Harpo.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Whitney Houston

Singing legend Whitney Houston has revealed her ex-husband rapper Bobby Brown would emotionally abuse her when he was drunk and cut her out of the family photographs. In her first deep interview since divorcing Bobby, the re-invented star told talk show queen Oprah Winfrey her "crazy love" for Brown left her beaten down and abusing cocaine and marijuana. The show, which airs on Monday, Houston reveals she tried to be the perfect wife and for a long time she and Brown "fought hard (and) loved hard." But she struggled to deal with her ex when he drank and became "mean." Houston is also insisting Brown never physically abused her, but he would spit on her and terrify her with crazy behavior. She adds, "He had such hate in his eyes for me, because I loved him so much." She recalls Brown cutting her head off in pictures and drawing "evil eyes" on their bedroom walls with spray paint.
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Wednesday, September 02, 2009




Oprah Will Waltz Down Michigan Avenue

The Magnificent Mile will not be so magnificent when a section of Michigan Avenue (from Ohio to Wacker Drive) will be shut down to vehicular traffic starting Sunday night just past midnight and will not re-open until Wednesday at 5:00.a.m. so Oprah can shoot an episode of one of her shows Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. from an “outdoor studio” on Ohio Street. When asked by reporters about the inconvenience to downtown motorists, Daley said it's worth it. "I think they'll understand how important this is dealing with jobs, dealing with international exposure...this is a great opportunity," Daley said. If jobs are so important to Mayor Daley, why didn’t he lobby Springfield to meet the tax credits Connecticut was offering to the Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos shows? Hundreds of jobs were lost in Chicago when the shows moved to Stamford taking the cast, crews, producers, etc. Millions of dollars in revenue was lost by hotels, airlines, restaurants, limo services, etc when guests stopped coming to town for tapings. Who can even estimate the tax revenue lost to the city by the Springer and Wilkos shows leaving Chicago? But Jerry and Steve are not her highness Oprah. Daley said Harpo Studios will reimburse the city for the costs of the show. Will Oprah compensate stores along the closed stretch for the economic opportunity lost from shoppers avoiding the area on Labor Day? Will Oprah pay for my blood pressure medicine for two days as I am greatly unconvinced and aggravated by what she is doing to interfere with the quality of my life? Will she reimburse all the unsuspecting, naive tourists who will find their purses and wallets have been pick -pocketed in the jostling crowds? I don’t think so! When Apple announces that they will be offering a new product for sale, the computer geeks start lining up the day before in front of the store at the SE corner of Michigan and Huron and spend the night. That one little corner becomes a nightmare—imagine the horrendous crowds for blocks for a chance of an Oprah ticket or sighting? The city announced that overnight camping will not be allowed, but I guarantee you, there will be sleeping bags littering Boul Mich on Sunday and Monday nights in anticipation of the Tuesday taping! The city also reports that pedestrian access will remain open at all times. Another myth to those of us who been blocked entrĂ©e to the sidewalks when street performers like the Tin Man and balloon guy are practicing their craft and perambulators bring traffic to a halt as they stop to watch. “This is a great thing we are doing,” Daley said to the Sun Times. “Wish we could do it every day. How much publicity we’ll receive throughout the world.” Chicago is in the international news almost every day already with stories of corruption and clout. But I guess clout is acceptable when it is used to benefit Oprah.
Editors Extra: We agree with Kathy Posner on this one. All my friends lost their jobs because Chicago would not match other offers to keep The Jerry Springer Show and The Steve Wilkos Show there. I can not imagine all the jobs lost and all the hotel revenue lost. You can read more from Kathy Posner Here....
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Friday, August 21, 2009


Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has filed a huge lawsuit against more than 50 businesses over allegations they used her to advertise their products without her permission. The television icon has joined Dr. Mehmet Oz, a regular on her program, to take legal action against a string of firms who they allege used the couples images and names to endorse various beauty products and dietary supplements. Winfrey's companies, Harpo Inc. and OW Licensing Co., and Oz's Zo Co firm filed papers in New York on Wednesday to stop the "unauthorized and unlawful use" of their names, pictures, voices and trademarks which have "gravely injured" the duo's reputations. The papers state: "These defendants are willfully capitalizing on plaintiffs' valuable reputation and intellectual property rights to lure consumers into ordering their infringing products on the false premise that they have been tested or recommended by Ms. Winfrey and/or Dr. Oz when they have not."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna