Childhood friends MATT DAMON and Ben Affleck both splashed out on the same vehicle after selling their Oscar-winning GOOD WILL HUNTING script, despite the fact it was "so gay to get the same car". Damon and Affleck had long dreamed of driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and when they received their first big payday for the 1997 movie’s script at the same time, both bought the same car. Damon tells American magazine GQ, "We both bought Jeep Grand Cherokees."It was funny, because Ben and I, we both always wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee for some reason. That was the car. We always talked about it but never could afford one."So when we suddenly had the money, we each instantly started trying to convince each other to get a different car. We’d say, ‘Hey, have you seen the Explorer? The Ford Explorer is really cool.’ "Because we knew it would just be so gay to get the same car."