Shia LaBeouf doesn't want to end up like Lindsay Lohan.The 20-year-old actor prefers to stay out of the Hollywood limelight because he wants to be remembered as a great actor - not just a "celebrity" like other young stars. He told the USA Today newspaper: "I don't go to clubs and you won't see me out partying. I want a career like Humphrey Bogart, Charlie Chaplin, Nicholas Cage and Sean Penn, not like Lindsay Lohan. She's a talented actress but has made some scary decisions. If I'm perceived as someone like that, I'm going to be screwed trying to give a Michael Caine performance."Being seen just as a celebrity can be as bad as having your movie tank. I want to have a career that's different from some of the people of my generation. "LaBeouf says his priority is to focus on landing big film roles and prove he can play a wide range of characters. He said: "If the industry takes you lightly because you're always partying, then they will take your work lightly as well."LaBeouf's latest project sees him voicing the character of hot-shot surfer penguin, Cody Maverick in 'Surf's Up'. He will also star in one of the summer's most-anticipated films, 'Transformers' and recently landed a role in 'Indiana Jones IV'.