Eve was spared jail after pleading no-contest to drink driving yesterday. The rapper-and-actress did not attend the Los Angeles court hearing but her attorney Blair Berk entered the plea and said she admitted to driving with a.08 percent blood alcohol level or higher when she crashed her car on April 26. Berk said: "She's a very gifted artist and she is treating this with appropriate seriousness."As part of the plea bargain the prosecution dropped two other charges of driving impaired and driving without proof of insurance.The 28-year-old - real name Eve Jeffers - must stay sober for 45 days and wear an alcohol-monitoring device on her ankle during that time. Eve was fined $1,400 and placed on three years' informal probation. She must also attend a series of classes for first-time drunk-driving offenders. At an initial hearing in May, Eve's lawyer pleaded not guilty to the DUI (driving under the influence) charge on her behalf. Eve crashed her gold Maserati into Hollywood Boulevard's central reservation in the early hours of April 26. She had two passengers in the vehicle at the time and was arrested at the scene.