Lindsay Lohan's mother is set to star in a new reality TV show with her youngest children, Ali, 14, and Cody, 11.Former actress Dina - who is renowned for her fame-hungry tactics - is in talks with entertainment network 'E!' to star in 'Momager' in which she will attempt to launch Ali and Cody as stars. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Can you believe that? She totally messed up Lindsay by making her a 'star' and living vicariously through her - and now she's going to do the same to the other two?"How can 'E!' do this? Those kids should be in school having normal lives,the life that Lindsay didn't get to have."Dina - who once dubbed herself "the white Oprah" - has been working as a guest presenter for 'Entertainment Tonight' to give the show "exclusives"with 20-year-old Lindsay.The first piece she did was while the 'Mean Girls' star was a resident in the Wonderland rehab centre, and the second saw Dina work as a red carpet interviewer at the 'Georgia Rule' premiere. Lindsay is currently in Malibu's Promises rehab centre being treated for alcoholism and alleged substance abuse. A source said: "She may be there for more than a month."As a result, Lindsay could miss her planned 21st birthday party in Las Vegas.The actress checked into rehab after she was arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) after crashing her car in Beverly Hills last month.